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  1. I went to one once for a friend's 19th birthday. Got a free $20 voucher to play with. Won $80, bought drinks for the two of us that night. Never been to a casino again aside from that. I bet on MMA fights via Sports Interaction Canada. I put in $100 about 6 years ago into my online betting purse, and have made over $3500 since then. I just won $1100 off the Maycee Barber vs. Modaferri (?) UFC 246 fight where Maycee suffered a knee injury... in my favor.... I never buy PPVs or anything and thought to support mixed martial arts through at least betting on some
  2. Well written man, see you in the clan!
  3. Holy crap man!! Congrats!!! That is a dope pet.
  4. Sounds great man!! The lesson went great. Learnt a lot. Gonna practice up for the next 3 weeks ~ 4 weeks and go for another one!
  5. I know there are some musicians here... I for one am a hoarder of musical equipment. I play mainly guitar and own 15 guitars. I recently purchased a Mullen G2 SD-10 pedal steel, and am making my way into learning the pedal steel as my secondary instrument -- for jazz/blues, etc... not country, contrary to what the pedal steel is known for. Musicians of WG, post pictures of your instruments here!
  6. Nice app, see you in the clan
  7. Welcome! Congratulations on getting married
  8. Welcome man nice account and app!
  9. Bout time, welcome back bro
  10. Took a solid 3 mins to count all those zeroes....!!! congrats
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