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  1. Combustions


    Nice edit -- thanks for that Welcome to the clan (soon) and looking forward to speaking with you more!
  2. Combustions


    Welcome , nice talking to you in the cc. I recommend you add a little more to the "about yourself" section as the application managers want to see high-effort applications.
  3. Was 3 until today... just got a 49" Samsung CRG9 Super Ultrawide 5120x1440p monitor so one
  4. Nice! What'd ya get? I am thinking of getting an E36 M3 and giving up my reliable but no-fun 2018 Subaru BRZ. Starting martial arts changed my life 8 years ago. Boxing / kickboxing supplemented with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Gave me something to look forward to after school / work, and built friendships that will certainly last past a lifetime. Also, kicking stuff is an amazing way to release any angst and to calm and centre oneself
  5. Welcome I thought real aussies loved VB... that stuff is actually pretty good (from a Canadian's perspective)...!!!
  6. Welcome! 24 and retired... can't help but to say I'm jealous
  7. Jeez that is a lot of kills for a black mask. Congrats finally!
  8. Congrats -- unreal RNG!
  9. Combustions

    Adult Cat

    Welcome back man
  10. I think you're CES (Central European Summer Time)!! That's GMT +2, but I don't see that as an option.
  11. I sell drugs. (legally) -- pharmaceuticals!
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