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  1. Welcome! 24 and retired... can't help but to say I'm jealous
  2. Jeez that is a lot of kills for a black mask. Congrats finally!
  3. Congrats -- unreal RNG!
  4. Combustions

    Adult Cat

    Welcome back man
  5. I think you're CES (Central European Summer Time)!! That's GMT +2, but I don't see that as an option.
  6. I sell drugs. (legally) -- pharmaceuticals!
  7. JRE Lotsa MMA stuff and a racing podcast
  8. Combustions


    Nice name and nice stats!! Welcome
  9. Ahaha I feel you bro. It is a pricey gig...
  10. My house is disgusting, you wouldn't want to see it bro. Nice house
  11. Re-write your notes. Go through the re-written stuff and highlight. For practice-heavy exams (calculus, physics, etc.), the internet is your friend: find practice problems online and solve them. Also relaxation is very important. Take breaks. When you are stressed your cortisol levels rise, and high levels of cortisol is directly linked with inability to retain any learning. Good luck!!
  12. Insane, rip your RNG for the rest of your account's life lol
  13. Awesome man! What time did you run on the Nordschleife if it was timed? I have done that track so many times on assetto corsa and iracing but it'd still be a dream come true to get a sub-8 min Touristenfahrten one day!!
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