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  1. Welcome Barrows gloves will be a big upgrade -- the quest grind is worth it, trust me!! I'm sure the cc / discord would be happy to assist.
  2. Very cool!! Thank you for sharing
  3. Welcome, you are not old at all Cooking and guitars are cool -- what's your top dish and what's your top axe?
  4. Brutal man, hopefully it rains sooner rather than later for you guys. Swimming is awesome -- luckily it cools you off and you get the good side effect of exercise! Have you ever considered a portable AC unit? If you have the money to spare I think it's one of the best investments ever.
  5. Dear all Europeans, This year may have the hottest summer temperatures for Europe in recent history. 2003 was a bad year for you guys and about 70,000 people died of heat stroke-related complications. Just wanted to let you guys know to stay cool, hydrated, and take care of yourselves as I was going to come visit the NL this summer... but looks like that's not happening with my hatred of the heat!!
  6. Welcome and good luck! I hate skilling but I'm sure you'll find someone here
  7. Welcome back bro now its time to dig down and smack some cheeks
  8. Combustions


    This is quite nice.
  9. Sweet - a BCer. Looks like the Fraser Valley... I'm moving out there in 2020. Love the roads out there!!! Will finally have space for my racing car and trailer
  10. Sea shanty 2 slaps but The Desolate Isle is some good somber stuff.
  11. If you're into cooking then Chef's Table is good
  12. Insane and killer deal. Congratulations...awesome colour too!!
  13. Will take pics if anyone cares: My daily is a 2018 BRZ RS (performance pack) - stock and fun around the track but very slow Race a GT2 SPM Miata MX5 (350hp @ the rear wheels on 116 octane, 1.6L, big turbo, 265s all around, big wing, the works... my biggest passion.) 2013 F350 Powerstroke dually to lug the MX5 around... Man nice MR2!!! Probably the 2nd coolest Japanese car of all time, just behind the original NSX. Looked for one for over 6 months before buying my BRZ but every one I found was rusty here, or the owner was selling something not worth too much for over 15 grand...
  14. Wish he would come back
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