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  1. Qufo


    Nice name man and welcome!
  2. Qufo

    Poor Joy

    Welcome to the clan man!!
  3. Welcome to the clan bro!!
  4. Qufo

    [Accepted] P K 3 R S

    Good luck on your application bro :)
  5. Qufo

    Ok ThatsEpic

    Welcome to the clan! We do events daily brother
  6. Qufo

    [Declined] Jeremy Bond

    Welcome brother
  7. Qufo

    [Accepted] Iownfear

    Add a little more
  8. Qufo

    [Accepted] 99 Nty

    Welcome brother
  9. Qufo

    [Accepted] Corbula

    Welcome brother :)
  10. Qufo

    [Declined] NNJA

    Good luck with your application brother !
  11. That’s all I pk on aswell is a zerker! Welcome brother !!
  12. Qufo

    [Accepted] Chilhowie

    Welcome to the clan brother ! :)
  13. Qufo

    [Accepted] grey sky

    Welcome to the clan brother
  14. Qufo

    [Declined] TylorWenzel

    Welcome to the clan bro!
  15. Qufo

    [Accepted] Pinkpuppy

    Welcome to the clan ! I know you will enjoy this clan
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