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  1. Be careful you don't get a used computer that is keylogged or whatever.
  2. Glaucon24

    [Declined] Spanx

    Good luck with your application.
  3. This is also a problem for PvMers (and PvPers) in the wilderness.
  4. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan this time? Hmmmmmm...........
  5. It is always interesting to hear what Oakdice has to say about the issue.
  6. This "unauthorized biography" heavily advocates for what I would guess is called "food chain theory" or something along those lines. Apparently, a lot of these people either don't believe in it or don't care for it. If "food chain theory" is the correct theory for explaining when and how the wilderness is "rejuvenated" or "dead," how can these people be convinced that having non-PvPers in the wilderness is essential for the health of the wilderness? These people are saying that they feel like victims, and JMods are listening to these people.
  7. How should PvPers react to the dumb comments on this? Also, is there any hope of getting someone from WG on this "PvP Council" idea that they are considering?
  8. Glaucon24

    Adult Cat

    The answers seem fairly reasonable given that he was in the clan for 2 years and, therefore, you already know him. He also answered the question in his app as to why he would want to join given that he dislikes the leadership. His friends want him to join back, and he wants to play with his friends.
  9. August 24- guthan's warspear, chest 96, third item since beginning the challenge.
  10. August 24- Karil's Crossbow, second item since challenge, chest 85.
  11. August 22- Dharoks platelegs at chest count 48. This is my first item since beginning the challenge.
  12. I see you have a cat. If we bring our cats to barrows, do we get extra credit?
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