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  1. Zeldan Tell us about yourself. Hey! I was in the clan a year ago, but moved back across the country and no longer had a computer. I just got one as a quarantine gift so I'm back! Just getting back into the game and chilling, but I'll be in WGCC and discord if you want to talk, as well as here :) Clan history. Here! And many others many years ago. How did you hear about us? returning Do you plan to join? Probably! Any last comments? Hope you all had a good year, talk to you soon! If this is a poor format for a return post just let me know :)
  2. Most of my favorites have been mentioned, except Sword Art Online, and Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple, and Gantz. Check them outttt
  3. Nice old RSN's welcome!
  4. Big fan of the last two. Sci-fi and fantasy is usually my go to. Orson Scott Card and R.A. Salvatore are probably my favorites. Not picky though, I'm down for whatever.
  5. Zeldan

    [Declined] Tragar

    I remember all of those clans lol. Welcome
  6. Welcome back! Though a lot of people PVP here, you are right in knowing it isn't all about that I'm not into it myself, either. Cya around in CC and non-pvp events, and good luck on app, though I'm sure you don't need it
  7. Zeldan

    [Accepted] Dwiight

    Just something I've noticed lol, I'm not involved on either side.
  8. Zeldan

    [Accepted] Dwiight

    Nice app man Honestly, talking too much about drugs in CC usually gets a split of people being cool about it and a split of people who will be less enthused lol. In all fairness, some of us stoners are pretty obnoxious about the stuff. In general though, if you are cool you are cool and nobody cares haha. Hope to see ya around!
  9. I haven't been back long enough to feel relevant to vote in that poll, but i definitely made sure to cast my "not voting" votes. Idc if we will allll get the loot at some point, that is just the start. Slippery slope. I play osrs because I cant afford games with mtx lmao. RIP my Bit Heroes account.
  10. Zeldan

    [Accepted] 99 Nty

    Hey man welcome to the forums Was fun figuring out our way to GWD with ya last night lmao, good luck!
  11. Welcome We are *mostly* really chill haha. Good luck, cya around!
  12. Bro I'm from Wisconsin too and can 100% attest to their hatred of cannabis first hand. No felonies for this guy though lmao. Good luck, stay outta trouble!
  13. Most of mine have been said, but I watch too much Hulu/Netflix, so I'll throw up a list. Legend of the Seeker Merlin Community Friends Fraiser Supernatural Bleach Almost any Netflix/Hulu anime original (they are almost always watchable at least) Lucifer Black Mirror America's Got Talent The Magicians Umbrella Academy The End of the F**king world You Masterchef/jr Hell's Kitchen Harlots I'll update when I remember more maybe lol
  14. A family that scapes together stays together lmao, welcome/welcome back
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