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  1. 12. Maybe even less tbh. I think you got this my dude.
  2. YA BOI IS BACK. WB. @Hatred Sabrewas missing his fellow weeb.
  3. Hey man, I'm sure you'll enjoy your time with us
  4. Hey John, welcome to our boards
  5. I had a blackwidow ultimate that lasted me like 5 years. Was very happy with that. It still sort of works but some keys type multiple times when I click em. Atm, I have a Razer Ornata which is ok. The sound is very satisfying but it's not as good/fast as the blackwidow that I had.
  6. Any fellow cat lover is more than welcome. We have an unwritten rule that states you need to post your cat pictures in discord lobby every so often otherwise you get kicked. Enjoy your stay!
  7. Welcome back my friend!
  8. Genesis

    [Accepted] Polllie

    Welcome back Leon
  9. Hey David, hope you enjoy your time with us Love the name!
  10. Welcome my dude. Out of curiosity, what was the name of your previous clan?
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