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  1. Flux

    HCIM Rangers

    Missed the screenshot, but proof is here! Caught 1k eclectics and completed 38 medium clues - 23rd med clue overall for Ranger Boots.
  2. Welcome man, hope you managed to figure out the 'edit' button
  3. Recommended to have 110+ combat for PK trips
  4. Hey welcome, 22 yr old from the UK here too
  5. Definitely very emotional seeing all the Starks go their separate ways - the story itself ended well, the narrative to get there not so much...
  6. Hope you apply soon
  7. Cinematography in S8E5 was off the charts!
  8. Flux

    [Accepted] A skilly boy

    Welcome to WG Hope you enjoy!
  9. Welcome! Farming & Hunter have been my favourite skills too playing OSRS
  10. I will have a think about it! I could definitely afford to purchase a few bonds in-game...
  11. Thank you man! Glad to see you're now an Advisor With my luck, the HC status won't last too long - but i'm trying!
  12. F LU X/Qoif Tell us about yourself. Hi everyone! I'm a semi-old member of WG that has recently been scaping again. I'm currently enjoying playing on a new HC and have been chilling in the WG cc as usual. I've always loved PKing, but have been enjoying the new challenge of an ironman - so would love to be able to join the clan again (as an ironman) if that's currently allowed! Main: F LU X HC: Qoif Clan history. Vendetta Pure Clan - 2015/16 Ex-Wilderness Guardians Member/Staff: Joined January 2016 Served as Warlord June 2016 - October 2016 Re-joined September 2017 Application Manager October 2017 - April 2018 How did you hear about us? Past experience Do you plan to join? Yes - if I can! Any last comments? Excited to make some new friends in the clan, as well as reuniting with some old ones!
  13. Read the #joining_wg channel on Discord to learn what to do next.
  14. Sounds like you've found the right fit, hope you enjoy it here
  15. Flux

    [Accepted] High lvl

    Read the #joining_wg channel on Discord to learn what to do next.
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