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  1. yeah welcome bud, look forward to you hanging around
  2. we will only accept ur incomplete appllication if you cut me a deal on a new harley sportster. deal?
  3. PieZy

    [Accepted] buckwangz

    welcome back big guy! ill definitely help you catch back up! let me know what you need!
  4. PieZy

    [Declined] NNJA

    welcome, if youre a fan of ninja i dismiss you.
  5. damn hes a fatty, welcome!
  6. it makes the biggest difference on an account, i legit only got 99 for the unliminted tele around the entire world
  7. Not even that man, we are a high ranking pking/pvm clan and a lot of clans would love to snipe us if given chance. These people in a short month i can call osrs family. they are absolutely dope.
  8. Welcome to our clan initiation program! really hope you stick around, think you would make a decent addition to our ranks. We do a lot of pking, and im sure some members would go to revs with you if asked in 48 hours!
  9. i threw up a little when i saw your app, welcome to the crew my man! this couldnt be a better fit for you!
  10. just saw this, and i do myself hope you do end up joining us =]
  11. Welcome bud, he joined our CC this morning! we directed him here, and now we are gonna turn him into a osrs beast.
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