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  1. I have jackbox party pack 3 and it has Trivia Murder Party in that. Its a little bit harder for non Americans, but it's still ok. Quiplash and Fibbage XL are really good, Drawful 2 is ok also. :)
  2. Thanks for the event @Corbula It has been an amazing couple of weeks getting to know @Abs & @Baites, they've both carried me a little bit to be honest! Big respect to @frankanator2 & @His Lordship for pushing us all the way and making the contest sweaty for us all! Its comforting to know that we have some truly monstrous players in WG, I'm sure you'll smash the bingo event when that comes around & we can all work to create a brilliantly competitive atmosphere again! GG Boys!
  3. Metal Dragon


    welcome bud
  4. Metal Dragon

    YT 0S Dale

    Welcome bro
  5. Range tanks are always so sick man. Welcome
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