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  1. Great irl friend will be a great asset to the clan and welcome brother
  2. WG 2GEW 1P00

    Likkle Yute

    Nice lad been talking in game also a new pker to join wg take over gl on app bro talk soon
  3. Full support a great irl friend gd luck bro
  4. Full Support great irl friend from childhood new member to the pk crew
  5. Great guy irl friend of mine and lion heart will be a great member gd luck dude
  6. https://gyazo.com/5f6671256757b72de034682f2319d3c1
  7. Full support one of my gd friends in rl as well great guy and I no will fit in great with everyone in wg
  8. I Owen my own company manufacture e liquids for e cigarettes any one that needs hocking up just let me no
  9. Welcome bro another gd friend of mine from back home
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