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  1. I was a junior in highschool when I started to work out, I started off just doing 10 push ups, sit ups and squats in my room. Over the course of a few weeks 10 turned to 100, and 100 turned to joining a gym and developing gym friends. I ended up developing a routine of going to the gym for 3 hours a day every day(excluding Saturday for religious reasons) I soon realized you will never be the most respected version of yourself until people think you're attractive or strong enough to beat them up, I would rather not fight anyone but just being stronger in my day to day life and being able to help people really make that difference from who I used to be.
  2. haha same, i been playing it all day with friends also thats crazy because im a support main i love blitz
  3. Love the app, what is your favorite italian dish? or are you already sick of italian food lol
  4. I joined looking for a clan to really reside with aswell and so far i feel at home here so i hope you feel as welcome as i do!
  5. Nice to see you actually applied man! What is your favorite champ in league and have you played the new mode? it is pretty fun.
  6. Hij263

    [Accepted] Hij2634

    I appreciate it, i really enjoy the format for the application and the format for the rules. The fact that they were direct but not overwhelming made them an interesting read.
  7. Hij263

    [Accepted] Hij2634

    Thanks for the support everyone I hope to be a outstanding member of this community and a friend to all.
  8. I agree with you, runescape is so much more fun with friends even if you can only make progress for yourself.
  9. Hij263

    [Accepted] Killabzzz

    What is your favorite forum on reddit?
  10. What is it like being a club promoter in miami? are there benefits to that?
  11. Hij263

    [Declined] C7F

    I got a solid chuckle at the part where you said "I am 24 and I like to drink beer".
  12. I completely feel you on the EOC tip, I had just gotten dragon claws pre-eoc so it felt pretty bad when they decided to update and screw over all their players
  13. Hij263

    [Accepted] Hij2634

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Hij2634 What is your current RS name? Hij2634 List any previous RS names: N/A What is your total level and combat level? Total level: 1314 Combat level: 100 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. When I started: I first started playing Runescape when I was in the 2nd grade. I used it as a pastime because it usually helped me escape from my reality(lots of verbal and often physical abuse). I fell in love with the game when i had realized that the community was very accepting of anyone because everyone is trying to work hard for what they want and that's the reason it is so special to me to go back and give to new players as I was given when I was young and had no clue how to progress. What my name means: My name is hij2634 which is similar to my pre-eoc account hij263 because I wanted old friends to be able to identify me. The name comes from sliding my hand over the keyboard and that is what the second grader me came up with before i knew how much impact this game would have on my life(I also later found out hij means "he" in dutch which i thought was a neat fact). Favorite skills/activities: My favorite skill by far is magic, I love the variety of spells and teleports that are readily available from the skill which I couldn't live without even though it is super impractical and expensive to use magic. My favorite activities in real life now are working out and making music. I also enjoy getting to see my friends whenever I get the chance because I am the comedian of the group and love seeing people smile and have a good time. I feel the same way with Runescape, I know people use this game as a getaway as I did when I was young so I try and make their day every time I get the chance or atleast have them hang on for another day till they realize that things actually get better. Saving those people who feel like no one cares about them and that feel they cant go on anymore is what I make music for and those are the people I wish to help most because their smile is the brightest. Tell us about your clan history. I only have joined a few clans and usually they are for specific purposes such as: W308 anvil. The only other clan with significance to me was the clan of a real life acquaintance and that was before the EOC which was when i took a break from runescape. Tell us about your yourself. My name is Maurice, I am a male enjoying life at the age of 20. I was born and mostly raised in the United States of America and i am currently studying computer programming. I enjoy working out and rapping but i also love to sing even if i'm horrible at it. Making people laugh gets me through the day, and anything is possible with me just let me have a try at it. I love parkour and climbing and being outdoors and meeting new people, camping and smelling that fresh morning air is the best feeling in the world. Going to the fair is something i'd enjoy to do with a group of friends because those kind of moments are special to me and i'm that person that likes to go on adventures spontaneously and be out all day(this is starting to feel like tinder). Taking pictures is a passion I have because i want to capture those moments that we wished could last forever. I enjoy all kinds of music because I felt it was always there for me when i had no one else so feel free to recommend me new songs (I like rock, r&b, rap(subject that i'm most confident in), edm, grime and anything that sounds good really). I really like everyone until they intentionally want to make me dislike them(which takes a lot of effort) I am thankful for all the people that wronged me because it showed me how much words and actions can affect a persons heart and i want everyone to feel as good and at peace with themselves as I am now. How did you hear about us? EL MARIJUAN0 What makes you want to join us? I want a community I can trust is active that has people willing to go on Runescape adventures with me and if those people can end up becoming my family I would love that even more. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: I am not very good at keeping up with posting in the forum but if I am informed in game of events or to post I would do so gladly. I am mostly interactive in Runescape and will keep tabs there but sometimes I do tend to disappear when I need to re-find the motivation to play or my bond runs out. I always end up coming back so I wont be gone for too long and I will check in on my family before I do so.
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