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  1. I’ve know Ray for a little over a year in game! Great guy with a competitive nature! I’m excited to compete in some of the pvm competitions with you and who knows... maybe you can give me a run for my money. obviously support! Good luck man!
  2. Team 1 with the malediction ward!!!! I know I already posted a picture of my pet drop, but I wanted to show off my first bossing pet ever!!
  3. Posting for Lunar Intel (Team 1)! He didn’t realize that the photos need to be cropped before it can fit on the fourms Nice work on the mobile lms win!!!! Team 1
  4. 1100 kc this competition but finally got it!! This asshole tried crashing me the same kill... might of rage quit if he snipped the jar
  5. posted for devious! Team 1 let’s go!! Lets goo!!!! Been a good night!
  6. Big shoutout to everyone competing! Team 1 “WNP” started really strong but kinda lost steam towards the end. Still really proud of you guys and I’m really happy with this event!! Strong 10/10 would recommend again We got the hilt and shard 1 and 3 with a dup 3... rip one whole row
  7. Is it an alt? The only reason I ask is I didn’t see his username on the sign up list and from my understanding if that drop isn’t in a teammates name it doesn’t count, alts included. Not trying to be an ass, only curious.
  8. tattered head and kq head on the same drop. Team 1
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