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  1. Welcome to the clan! I've been here for a few years now, you're gonna enjoy the clan it's filled with a lot of cool and knowledgeable people
  2. Welcome back! Where ya stationed at? Im at Bragg right now
  3. Welcome to WG! Don't worry about the inactivity, I went to basic training and AIT and after 5 months I was still welcomed back with open arms. WG 4 life!!
  4. Welcome to our clan!
  5. I never was in a clan either before this one. No plans on ever leaving now. It's like a fam. Welcome aboard
  6. Good to have you back
  7. I remember this name. Welcome back!
  8. Beefytron

    [Accepted] 3MT

    Welcome to our clan! Looks like you got a lot of experience. Glad to have you here
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