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  1. The wife still working at home beside me so I can't make as many attempts as I'd like to but I tried morning and got a really good tekton without any resetting so I just sent it Close to my pb first floor. Killed Shamans by 8:30 - so I still prepped for 2:30 which is slow 2nd and 3rd floors I need to shave a minute of both and have a 10-11 min olm and the run would be a sub 40.
  2. No pb's the past week but watched a few of the WR holders do some insane shit Too poor to use 100-200 purple sweets per raid but still need to somehow work on having only 2 inventory spots for stamina for future raids. With that in mind, sent a couple shitty raids and lowered my prep amount to try to make first floor a bit faster. Was able to successfully complete the raids using just 2 stams (even had a 1-2 sips remaining) but I kept dying to other rooms cause I was trying to be speedy. Stupid deaths like getting punched in mystics or dying to a scav on the way to
  3. 9:30 shamans end > 2min prep for the 11:35 first flood I don't think prep can be faster so I need to knock time off demon/shamans 2nd floor was 8:17 which is my pb or close to. Regularly getting 3 min vangs now with ~2 mins thief and ~1:30 vesp Only way to get sub 8 is to learn full rope skip - which will save some brews but will cost some inventory spaces (need at least 1 pneck and sweets or a second pneck) 3rd floor was 9:09 I think I had below average guardians and mystics. Chop was 55 seconds at mutta Need to figure out how
  4. I've done a 8:16 2nd floor before but had a 57 second vesp which is very very lucky Should aim to bring 2nd and 3rd floors close to 8 minutes as much as possible and 1st floor to 11 mins with a mini prep. I think I'm losing too much time with the scavs in demon Crabs I need to work on to be a bit more consistent and clean. I think I mess up one bounce each time which loses like 20 seconds
  5. Got the sub 43 half rope skip and good vangs make a huge difference. Also I'm resetting tekton if I dont kill within 2 minutes which is approximately 3 anvils. If I didn't get fucked by mutta and vasa I could've had a 9 minute second floor which would've been a sub 40 Much improvements!
  6. Sub 43 and probably Sub 40's are so close. I just need to keep 2nd and 3rd floors less than 9 minutes and not have a disastrous olm like the last two pb's have had.
  7. Haven't tried it yet. Need to consistently get sub 9 minute floors before I try it. It's main pro is to help me need less prep but I lose time in the rooms anyways so no point trying it yet
  8. New pb! Slower olm by a lot - mainly due to noodle bow and missing specs in both p1 and p2. I don't think I missed any ticks in my 4:1 but had to brew a bit too much from a bad acid run. Slow tekton but I said fuck it Then I fucked up crabs but still chugged on Felt like a fast demon but still seems a bit on the slow side Shamans for sure I hit many 0's. Main time lost however was lost on the 3 minute prep Finally did a good 3 minute vangs room. I think I know what the cycle / pattern I need to do to keep hitting and not
  9. Ran a few duo's today and without any fancy stuff beat my old PB Also died at olm and my partner had to get pick up dinner from the door and died during mystics during this raid WR pace for duo is 27:50 with a 7:35 Olm. So if we can get something close to 30-32 minutes I'll be really fucking happy. For olm we're just doing duo mage run and face tanking the melee with scythe. I think if we really wanted to go hard we'll look at doing no preps with blood fury. --------------------------------- Onto the Solo Cox content
  10. I got some average room times for solo CM so I added a few seconds to every room and the banking/inbetween to get the following: Left side is basically a prep+half rope skip method which is what I'm most likely going to do? Right side is basically WR pace rooms + no prep and full rope skip with pnecks and the kitchen sink (no thanks) As I expected, thieving/vangs are my slowest rooms by far. And making olm mistake free will be nice so I don't lose 30k points to one death near the end
  11. Same guys I learned Tob/CM with. Some friends from a previously disbanded clan that we just still hang about with. We just have similar schedules so we game a lot together ----------------------- SOLO CM News: Was a ridiculously scuffed raid. I didn't bring a defender in, so I didn't have it to spec demon/tekton hit guardian/vasa crystals/vangs. Still ended up having my fastest down time ever 11min first floor I scuffed a few crystals so I could should be faster here. Tekton rng was faster than average. De
  12. Had probably my best rooms but died and fucked up the Olm 3xwhich ended up being a 14 minute olm. Lost all my times cause I didn't save it properly but it was like 47 minutes when a 10 min olm could've gotten me probably 44 minutes? Still can take a few minutes off of each floor and haven't done rope skip yet. Will try to document each floor better but I was a little tiled with how bad the olm went this time
  13. Ok so the trick is to not be bad and die and I can get sub 40's probably
  14. Busy afk training the alt so I couldn't prescout for myself. Sent a few CM's instead cause I sold some shit for inq mace which should make tekton more consistent and 'faster' Got a sub 50 solo CM Need to work on finishing first floor before 11 minutes Gotta get to olm before 30 minutes if I want anything close to sub 40 (10 min olm will be average I think)
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