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  1. Nice achievement! Next goal should be diary cape That'll push you on your way to 2200 worlds
  2. This is gonna be my last update for a month or so. Have to deal with selling house / moving to new place. Thinking about lava prison had me super stressed so I'ma take a break from it for a bit
  3. 2 more attempts today but was unfocused so I died in the 40's Taking the weekend off to deal with getting the house ready to sell but will try to find time after Tuesday next week
  4. Yea everyone I went to said the same thing with respect to going east. I need to not get myself in they spot and do something other than full Justi I think. Cause splashing nibbler caused me to take too long on the west side and the melee dug to me before nibbler died Did like 3 more attempts today but didn't get to 50s
  5. Had such an insane spawn, I ran south and north like twice cause I couldn't get anything safe spotted. Also I splashed nibblers like 4x and it was a big mess red = mager yellow = blobs green = range orange = melee
  6. Good luck sir! Skotos is mainly a slayer boss so I'd recommend doing as many slayer tasks in catacombs as possible. Remember the boss itself counts as a black or greater demon in case you get one of those tasks
  7. Currently logged out at wave 54. Thinking of taking a nap or sleeping early tonight cause my brain is fried
  8. I literally walked out to hit the mager without overheads on. I'm getting worse at this game
  9. What did I ever do to youuuuuuuuu
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