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  1. Ok I definitely need to start brewing even more XD
  2. Crazyooga

    Infernal Grind

    Took a break to do some cms with friends yesterday but had a couple fast runs last night. Didn't get past 40 but I'm getting faster at moving to the 'correct' safe spot and not getting killed by a solo blob xd
  3. Almost there! How many brews do you have going into Jad waves? How many at start of zuk?
  4. It's his main. He changes the name quite often, used to be fake his lordship xd
  5. Crazyooga

    Infernal Grind

    Not sure what I should be doing here in the future. Flicking blob + melee is like a horrible idea for me, so perhaps I go to the left side of pillar and attempt to flick ranger melee?
  6. Crazyooga

    Infernal Grind

    Did a second run today trying to not use SGS spec and just run through the waves. Still had to stop and wait at some pillars cause I'm doing this at work and had to answer a couple calls XD Made to to wave 38 in under 1hr. Died because I was trying to 2t flick a single blob while safe spotting a mager to get him close to me. Ended up missing all the flicks and dying outright. Need to recognize when the 2tick is 1 tick off and just do normal lazy 3 tick flicking of the blob since there was nothing else hitting me. I reaaaaaaaaaally need to get more practice in the 50's with mager + ranger combo's. I think tomorrow I'll try to go through the waves without sgs again and try to lose due to lack of supplies.
  7. Crazyooga

    Infernal Grind

    I'm being greedy with supplies still and my instinct should be to find a safe spot first when things change (blobs being respawned or melee digging) I died there cause I stayed in the same place trying to kill the mager but got blob auto'd for a 29 Should've both brewed up and found a safe spot for next time.
  8. Crazyooga

    Infernal Grind

    Tried a quick run before bed. Goal was to just go fast and see how quick I could be (brewing allowed because I wanted to practice the harder waves) Got to wave 30 but internet disconnected on me - around 34 mins into the run Found this tool https://bistools.github.io/inferno.html that hopefully will help me figure out how best to move if I can remember the spawns after I die - or if I can freeze the wave and log out or something @Genesis or any other people who know wtf to do, how do I solve this one cause I think I would've died regardless even if I didn't d/c Teal square is me Yellow is Blob Green is Ranger Grey are 2 bats Orange is Melee Nibblers went to west pillar and I didn't catch all of them so I wanted to try to finish them off but it dragged the melee past the pillar safespot
  9. Crazyooga

    Infernal Grind

    Figured out how to deal with mage blob ranger this run, but no clue how to deal with missing nibblers and having to run south to fix it. I can't flick all the mobs and end up hoping for mercy
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