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  1. LOVE runecrafting, everyone i've spoken to thinks i'm crazy but its really relaxing for me! wat also hi
  2. Can you ask Mask to re-add me to the discord? I miss the boobies
  3. Crazyooga

    [Accepted] yemarF

    Yea I have to read your name as Framey else I'm going to go crazy. Welcome and hope to see you around!
  4. Not playing myself but wiki is great: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Twisted_League/Guide
  5. I don't believe there are level requirements to join the clan. I think I started with similar stats but with the advice from clan mates was able to get to higher levels
  6. Welcome sir! I'm also one of the guys who came back when mobile was released. Ask any questions you may have but unfortunately questing is a huge part of the early game
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