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  1. Hawlyyyyy Been over 1 year since I started the journey / blog. Records have changed due to thralls/nex/ new content but I'm pretty sure I've hit all these end game goals. Haven't really done regular solo's since I started doing solo CM and cause scouting is just an awful game mechanic. _______________________ Dunno what's next. Probably finish GM Combat Achievements now. I was putting that off for HM Tob Dust / S32 Solo CM and I got them now. Looks like I dont have s24 trio yet but its a rough scale to find people to do cause it involves a lot of resetting and patience with mistakes.
  2. S32 very soon. But been stuck doing HMT most of the week
  3. Haven't done solo cm's in a while but got a task so I started grinding again. Got some huge rng today so here was the loot: PB Rooms but terrible Olm Then sent another and got a pb on a awful 3rd floor Sent a 3rd one and got the S33 finally with a rope skip fail The S7 third floor is like 1/1000 to get so I won't be this lucky for a while I fear. Goal in the end is S32 and then I'll probably try to do some thrall / mage cape set up for S30 since I'm feeling really good right now. ------------------------------------------- In terms of CM 5's. I've started raiding with Sido and Toy so they've carried me to S22 so it's a bit of a boring update.
  4. tiny chest exists so you don't need to scav (if you're not prepping) vangs you can last hit while they dig (no nulled hits) vasa crystal small small small (i killed 3 crystals before tele)
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