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  1. @ZainTheOne thanks bro already with them Just starting conversation and finding out different opinions
  2. Horrible grind.... gratz bro
  3. Thoughts on my three switches? 6 way switch for range/melle/magic or should I be using void elite??!! Only ever done one run of COX so all advice is welcome and needed recommended future upgrades?
  4. Full support from me bro!!! My friend IRL WG will be lucky to recruit such a player
  5. Well mainline is much better I’m sure their working 35 hours a week for like 52k+ basic..... i on the other hand work 72+ hours a week usually hit around 60-70k a year. Mainline I have heard you can hit 100k+!!
  6. Welcome and good luck
  7. Good luck and welcome!!!
  8. Welcome and good luck with your application!
  9. Welcome and good luck!!
  10. Welcome and good luck!!!
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