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  1. Welcome another pker that's what I like to see
  2. Welcome bro can't wait to see u pking with us
  3. Skilling sucks who needs a total level my bro welcome
  4. Posting this today as I feel people should speak about there mental health more like I did. So I have struggled with my mental health from a young age lost my parents in a car accident when I was 10 and shortly after that I was in a mental asylum in Inverness(not as bad as it sounds) was there for 2 weeks to get help for my depression as nothing made me happy and I didn't want to live. Feel like doctors just threw drugs at me. But after speaking to people in a similar state that I was in I began to realise that it wasn't just me that had these problems and to be honest ever since the group meetings I have never looked back. Fast forward 12 years my life was perfect had a child on the way hade the same partner since we were 12 she's my rock. Woke up one morning with a loud ringing noise in my ear that I couldent get rid of waited a week like the doctors said and it just didn't get any better they told me it was an ear infection., so I got anti biotics and it made it so much worse and was stuck with it they said it couild be permanent damage. And that brought back the feelings of wanting to kill myself again for the first month of dealing with tinnitus I did not want to live, I did not want to see my son I just wanted to die (if u have not had tinnitus u won't understand how debilitating it is) the first month was the hardest my partner had never seen me cry before I just couldent cope. But with the love from my family and support I have managed to get past it now I have lived with it for 2 years and I know its there but I can ignore it. I finally have started to enjoy life again Basically I'm saying speak about it there is always someone who will listen your family and friends will be there for you. I have missed out parts I don't think really need to be mentioned. Ignore the terrible grammar my spelling is crap
  5. ill join u i dont get as much time to play as u guys tho so id be at a disadvantage haha but would be good crack
  6. loool good choice of hobbies! welcome
  7. good app and good luck u made the right choice!
  8. haha bin full of used socks
  9. so much porn is being watched on that pc mask haha supprised u didnt have tissue at the side going by your discord hahaha
  10. there is so many assholes that play osrs. jagex is not luring them they are making the game more challenging . if pvp dies osrs will follow.
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