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  1. PM me if you need to talk or need any advice Casey, trust me i been there bro and i hope your cat gets everything together
  2. Scaffolder mate rough hands make it hard to type sometimes but its hard yakka
  3. Honestly bro get your cat off that stuff asap, i know a monkey that used to get on alot of uppers man and it was a down hill spiral staying clean is always the best way to go about life, if your cat need to get off everything its on, get your hands on some valliums and give your cat 1 or 2 to get the edge off but not too much because your cat will end up in a 12 hour sleep with no knowledge of what happened before it passed out And sorry i missed the 2 weeks clean part, but if your cat gets the urge to relapse trust me a couple vallies does the trick first hand experienced
  4. Goodluck mate Just a heads up might want to include some more details about yourself as others might agree welcome tho !
  5. best of luck champion, welcome
  6. Honestly man runescape client sucks its so fking hard to play, i swear when runelites down i and i try runescape client its like going from iphone 10 to nokia 6300
  7. good luck lmao the stats
  8. loll, thanks boys Genghish heat up the plate lad* ill fill it up if yanowaimean
  9. Thanks guys! Haha combustions, evrything comes with a price trust me
  10. there we go lads i hope ya'll like it
  11. there we go, im sweating bullets after that edit
  12. yeah bro need to support the family, dont worry i have much more convo in game
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