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  1. Martin

    Would like to thank Bong for the luck
  2. Martin

    I have most of my stuff in one tab. Works for me. A normal regearing takes in average 15-25 secs depending on type of gear Didn't bring along boring stuff like runes. (all placeholder items are on numerous different accounts. On this acc I only have stuff I don't mind losing if I get hacked somehow)
  3. Martin

    Kind of wish i was a skiller
  4. Martin

    Damn, that was painful to read brother. I will make sure to send some of the rng your way
  5. Martin

    So as some of you know (and hate me for it), yesterday I got a Black Demon task, where I always kill Demonic Gorillas (KC 5k now). Yesterday I got 3 zenytes within 100-something kills. I'm not one to brag about that. Today I log on, within 40 kills I got Zenyte and Heavy frame back to back, followed by a ballista spring, and yet another ballista spring. Zenyte drop rate is 1/300. Ballista spring is 1/500, and Heavy Frame is 1/1 500. Anyone can beat this ?
  6. Martin

    Hell na, new sheriff in town. Frozen
  7. Martin

    Excited about the make all
  8. Martin

    Hell to the no. Batfire
  9. Martin

    Ooo fresh to rs. Say good bye to your future cause once this game gets hooks in you it ain’t gonna let you go
  10. Martin

    Welcome amigo
  11. Martin

    Pokémon Go count?
  12. Martin

    Don’t have much love to show for that update..
  13. Martin

    Looks good. WIll make sure to try it during next even. If I get dropped then I’m dropping you bro
  14. Martin

    What Sabre said basically