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  1. Pollie

    [Accepted] Polllie

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Polllie What is your current RS name? Polllie List any previous RS names: Pollie, Sealshine, MAJESTAAIGHT What is your total level and combat level? Hi there, My total level is currently 1819, with a combat lvl of 123. Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. My Runescape history... as most of us, probably play autistic and hate runecrafting. I started playing this account, about 5 years ago, on and off. As some of you know, i had to go through a rough study last year, what took about 6 months off from my Runescape career. Actually all i do is bossing, mostly GWD and Corp in groups, and solo some vorkath, chaos ele, kbd for pet. I hate skilling, because most of it are buyables and i dont like spending money :), thats why i also made an ironman Pollie, (2 l's instead of 3), to be able to set some goals with skills. Tell us about your clan history. My clan history is basically just WG for almost 2 years. No other history, just a couple of friends and me playing the game. Tell us about your yourself. well, who am i. Some of you may know me already, and probably alot don't! My name is Leon, i'm from the Netherlands and i studied for IT. Last year i got the title Microsoft Expert (to keep it short), which was the reason i went off from RS. I like to help people in game, what is the main reason for me to re-join this clan. I mostly tank at bosses, so others can get some KC, drops, and learn how to boss! i love to teach new things to new players. Further on in my life, i go to the gym like 3 times a week (well i try to, as most people), i work around 40 hours a week and do some studies. The rest of the time, i hang out with friends, play RS, or chill with my GF (no she isn't for sale). How did you hear about us? As i had to read in my previous application, it was Reddit. What makes you want to join us? Well i basically want to help new players. Since this clan gets a lot new players on a daily basis (checking application forum), i'm pretty sure, some of them might need a little help. Mostly bossing tho. no financial help! unless you get the good drops at bossing. it's your decision to share, or keep it for yourself (for the poors). Another reason i want to join is because a lot of people don't trust chat members without banana's. So i basically gotta get some banana's to be able to help others. If that is all i have to do to be able to help, i'm fine with it. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: nothing to declare.
  2. Pollie

    [Declined] [delete]

    For more info, because im kinda lazy; My earlier application :)
  3. Pollie


    Hi There! I dont really know if i have to introduce myself, because i've been in this clan pretty long :) I also stopped playing for a while, because i had to study and after that i created an ironman Today i felt like i wanted to rejoin ya, cuz of the forum spams and help some guys with bossing / learning em to boss. My name is Leon, 25 years old and from the Netherlands!
  4. Pollie

    kbd pet!!!

    Thats a nice DFS too sir!
  5. @GenesisI pray range, have my house at relekka and ornate pool in my house to restore all stats and so on. i use regular antifire pots (extended) and anti-dragonfire shield. @AAIGHT could indeed use brew and restore for extra kills but i like to repot every kill, so i have max range so would need another range pot too... will try!
  6. Hey there Guardians! I have had a couple of pm's about my way of killing Vorkath. Since some time i kinda like to kill the little blue dragon and are willing to help some new killers! As attached my inventory and my armor. Used to eat 1 angler before start, pray range and rigour / eagle whatever u have. The only time i eat, is when i get frozen and when the little blue dragon spits poison all over the place. This way you can do most damage as u can! I use my ruby arrows till Vorkath is below 40% HP, after that i change to Diamonds With this setup i manage to get kills at around 1:30 per kill! Hope this helps
  7. Pollie

    [Declined] FloatD

    haha! i was reading his post and was like, damn... FloatD i remember him, was a nice guy! and now he's here Welcome!
  8. welcome! he has got my support Been killing dragons with him today!
  9. Hey there! Good to see you on the boards u look like a cool guy! Hope to see you in the clan soon
  10. seems like a good guy! Welcome to me
  11. Congratz! 99 slayer, badass!
  12. Pollie


    Haha yea well, isnt that hard tbh... you just gotta do it... using void, blowpipe, trident, sara cape and an occult neck i wish!
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