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  1. Superb! That collection log is looking heavenly. Great stuff pal! Happy to see you with that well deserved vorkie pet. Keep up the good work. Wish you good health and spirit during this quarantine.
  2. Lololol welcome pal
  3. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Jair Emiah What is your current RS name? Jair Emiah List any previous RS names: Jairr Jair PVE What is your total level and combat level? Total Level: 1827 Combat Level: 125 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. My Runescape account history entails a lot of long grinds. I always jumped onto my account whenever I could. Despite my long hours throughout my history of runescape I never really had what I wanted. Sitting at about a average net of 30m-40m throughout the time i was first in Wilderness Guardians back in 2015. Tell us about your clan history. A cool thing about first discovering this clan was my brother and I were looking for a forums clan that would accept us based on are current levels at the time in which are combat levels were 114 - 116 combat. Although we did not go through with getting into a clan at that time. We then saw the next day a lot of Wilderness Guardian members promoting at pest control. This had us sold! And next thing you know here I was in my very first clan ever! And a little after getting to 120+ I then joined VNG as I was 120+ combat and wanted to experince what it would be like with a team of only 120+. It was only after these two clans - WG and Vng, Where I felt certain aspects of the game to be much easier than perceived. I Can't thank the leaders of these two clans enough for how they've impacted not just me, but the community for the better. Whether in future, past, or present. Tell us about your yourself. My names Jair, so my runescape name is only actually half of my actual name the other half is just for show! haha. I like to watch medieval based movies/shows a lot of the time when it comes to that stuff if not sci-fi. I recently have gotten into the whole stock market scene so thats something more than less new with me. I like to fly Rc Planes. Pking is always awesome, it gives me the feeling of a hardcore shooter game when your in a life or death situation with your team and thats why I've decided to come back. Mainly to just come on the odd pk trip with the team. How did you hear about us? 2015 Forums/Pest Control What makes you want to join us? The leadership and Mojo! Respectable pkers! The team is straight up awesome and I want to take part again. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you:
  4. Jair Emiah

    [Accepted] Foxing

    Gl with the app looks very good! Pleasure to meet you man
  5. Pleasure to meet you welcome to our forums. Hope the best for you pal :)
  6. Congratulations on being accepted we're happy to have you here! A very pleasant man indeed.
  7. Excellent application were honored to have you stumble upon our forums! Thank you and best of luck! Very big welcome to the team man.
  8. Jair Emiah

    [Accepted] Vino V

    Pleasure to meet you, glad you ended up here! Best of luck and lovely Application
  9. Expand on whats already there even pal. Anything crazy that us rs players that didnt play classic may have not experienced? I really never new rune kites were 800k I liked reading that and thank you for that information. You'll love this clan once you get in it just do more in your application, you'll have tons of fun in this clan buddy. Your a good guy for sure i can tell and others like you too! Simply expand on what you've already posted and you'll be alright. Just don't want you missing out on all the fun, once you get accepted you'll get to see all the cool and fun events in our teams packed calendar that you'll then have access too! @Qingkat
  10. hey pal add some more stuff just a few sentences. your a cool guy for sure! just realized that your app didnt have much, trust me your a likeable dude just add what u can even if it may seem random and i promise theyll take you pal!
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