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  1. 9mm

    I'm slightly confused. You hate pkers, so you joined a pk clan? We literally go into the wilderness and kill people...but welcome!!
  2. 9mm

    Whats good bro! Welcome, and thank's for your service!
  3. 9mm

    Welcome man!! WG is definitely an awesome community to join, very tight knit, everyone knows everyone. Great clan to help you transition back into the rs world.
  4. 9mm

    Hey man, welcome! Thank you for your service btw, utmost respect to our military. I just recently started playing again as well, and I can definitely say that WG is a awesome group to help you get back in the game with. Plenty of opportunities to learn bossing, and get into pking if you want as well.
  5. 9mm

    Personally I only like to watch pvp. If i can do it, I don't like to watch it, and I can't pvp lol.
  6. 9mm

    I'm working on my bachelors degree in exercise science, and plan on going for my masters next. Long term goal is to get accepted into a physical therapy program and get my Doctorate. I am actually in the middle of the hiring process for the border patrol right now, and if I get on I may stop after my bachelors, but we shall see.
  7. 9mm

    Welcome man! I can confirm that there is a large amount of activities. This is my first week in, and so far I have done my first PK trip and KBD trip, and I missed a couple events to boot!
  8. 9mm

    My 2014 Tundra with a bunch of aftermarket work done. 500hp with a TRX super charger.
  9. 9mm

    I was actually just thinking about that. Getting 77 prayer would bump me a level, and I wanted to stay at 107, but I know it's really not that important so I will probably do it. I guess it would be a huge benefit too if I am ranging pk.
  10. 9mm

    Awesome guys, I appreciate the input! Sabre I am down to duel whenever man, that would be great. That goes for anyone as well. Suffud, sign me up as soon as you start with those lessons. And I will start practicing that combo.
  11. 9mm

    Definitely both. Right now I have been looking at solo pvp, but that's just because I can do it anytime, and most of the youtube videos I watch are solo. I'm up for anything, the solo fights just look super click coordinated so I figured I had to start practicing that.
  12. 9mm

    Thanks man! Absolutely love shooting. I have a 9mm, tactical 12g, and a .300 win mag. Do you shoot?
  13. Hey guys and gals! I just posted my application, but I'm gonna jump right into a question. I have minimal pvp experience, so right now I am just trying to jump in feet first and get a feel of things. From videos I watch, "switching" is the thing to do, so I wondered if anyone has any recommendations for starters to learn switching on? My stats are 75/99/75/99/94 atl/str/def/range/mage. I thought that I could take advantage of my range and try some range switches. I bought a few karil's crossbows and dark bows to do a karil to dbow switch. I figure I should just go out and die a few times. Opinions?
  14. 9mm

    Thanks Mojo!
  15. 9mm

    9mm Murican What is your current RS name? 9mm Murican List any previous RS names: T0rsades My stats: http://sigs.vksoft.eu/oldschool/blue/no/9mm_Murican.png Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I have been playing for about 14 years across accounts (I still have a classic account). Like many longtime runescapers I have taken bouts of time off, but I always come back! Tell us about your clan history. To be honest I have not played enough in the last few years to remember any clans. I have a Rs3 account (Metai Storm) whop is in a clan that I cant think of the name, but I don't play rs3 anymore. Tell us about your yourself. I'm 26, pretty easy going guy. I like to have fun and joke around a lot and try not to be too serious. I am an undergrad student studying exercise science, so sometimes I talk about working out too much. I also work full time. I am able to get on everyday and be active for a bit, but I have a ton of AFK time available when I am doing school work, so activities like the NMZ work great for me. Also, I cook a mean steak. Only rare and medium rare though. People ask for well done and I show them the door. How did you hear about us? I was just scrolling through the forums section. What makes you want to join us? I really want to learn how to PK. The reason I started playing again is from watching big youtubers like Torvesta and Freamed, and it looks like a blast. I am also very interested in bossing. In all my years on RS, I really did neither much. Finding a bossing clan is easy, but a good PK clan is rare, and I feel like you guys really stuck out in that category. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: I applied to another clan a few days ago, but never heard anything back. I am glad I havn't heard anything though, because this clan seems a much better fit for what I am looking for. My main account that I have had for 14 years is Metai Storm. I did not create this account (9mm), but I did not come by it by any nefarious means.