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  1. Mini Horse

    congrats you finally are better then fargorn at something
  2. Mini Horse

    welcome back but sadly i will need a pic of your barrow gloves
  3. Mini Horse

    Welcome to wg
  4. Mini Horse

    where all them extra sets u said i could get off u
  5. Mini Horse

    my updated tab
  6. Mini Horse

    https://i.gyazo.com/cbb1ab1cf44b43a0d7000c23ba28a2d3.mp4 my bank
  7. Mini Horse

    I also use to pk rune rocks when i played back in the day my main account is 14 years old but that wasn't my first acc i made, when i pked i had countless accounts and scouts located at the rune rocks so i could kill and fight all lvls plus mine the rune for some extra gp. RS-eoc stats use to be a zerker build before wildly was removed later went to range tank
  8. Mini Horse

    I have now restarted this goal current bank tab for barrows Chest done-3 charges used-89 items got karil skirt, verac skirt
  9. Mini Horse

    welcome tree man ima need that tree rent now
  10. Mini Horse

    yayaya batfire is back
  11. Mini Horse

    they hackeed his acc and did some rune mining
  12. Mini Horse

    Grate I believe you are first in the clan with it
  13. Mini Horse

    Grats vio