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  1. Tacos.. me and my wife literally have a taco tuesday, every tuesday.. lol
  2. ayyy, another south dakotan! glad I'm not alone.. welcome and good luck
  3. XXB

    [Accepted] Radar

    ^ glad to see you made it! good luck
  4. welcome! make sure to go and post an official application so you can become a member
  5. welcome! and gz on finishing your pest control earlier
  6. XXB

    [Accepted] LS2K

    Hopefully reach your 95 combat soon good luck!
  7. Welcome to the clan! Hopefully the cc didn’t scare you away today
  8. welcome back get that graduation!
  9. welcome! good luck, and happy new years
  10. happy new years to you too welcome!
  11. anything nice and afk i love them easy grinds..
  12. XXB

    [Accepted] XXB

    Thank ya fellas!
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