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  1. 1bobo1

    Welcome my dude!
  2. 1bobo1

    Welcome, GL !
  3. Wish my eternal gem would count ;(
  4. 1bobo1

  5. 1bobo1

    Great app, good luck man!
  6. 1bobo1

    Good luck, stats are low but the more time you train the more we get to know you !
  7. 1bobo1

    Good luck brother, not much info but seems like you know a person or 2.
  8. 1bobo1

    Welcome, nice app, great info!
  9. 1bobo1

    Please reapply with a ton more about you please.
  10. 1bobo1

    Very good start
  11. 1bobo1

    wast of money to me....
  12. 1bobo1

    Dont worry i reported for you!
  13. 1bobo1

    Very good app, love the sarcasm you will fit in.
  14. 1bobo1

    Im still at 0 pets.....
  15. 1bobo1

    Welcome, decent app!