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  1. Old school, I'd say Sega Genesis if we are talking bout real old school. My favourite games on the original Sega was Shining Force series. I also liked Super Mario RPG on Super Nintendo, and zombies at my neighbors.
  2. I own alot of games. But I love The Isle, I'm waiting on the recode. But I play WoW usually when a new expansion comes out, and depending on how i like the expansion determines how long I play. I'm waiting on Crowfall, i pledged so I've played the alpha a little. I enjoy some shooters, but i suck at them. Espically Battle Royal's, i'm not bad at modern warfare but when the battle royale comes out, I'll probably play it. Temtem is pretty fun, but if I went and listed everything I play, it'd take forever, and no one would read it. I will say i'm highly anticipating New World though.
  3. Hello, I'm Carl. With a King at the front.
  4. Sushi. Or Tuscan chicken Here is a picture of some tuscan chicken I made.
  5. The thing about drug's is some people are affected differently, I won't deny it at all, i've been 2 years, 2 months clean. I was a heroin addict, and used meth often but not every day, like I was on heroin. I wouldn't compare meth to heroin at all as far as withdrawal's go, and it never pulled me in like Heroin. But I know people that were the exact opposite of me, and became heavily addicted. Which I never understood until later on in life. It's great that your cat's getting clean, I love hearing other people being successful, especially when it is almost the equivalent of getting a 3rd age p
  6. There's a casino near me in Cape Girardeau. I've went there maybe 8-9 times, never really won anything big, i've won smaller stuff, like 60$, but I pretty much just play penny slots. So I end up winning some but not enough too just get up and walk out. When I get my tax refund, I might go hit it up. But i'ma leave my card at home, and just bring like 100-150$. Usually if I win anything i'll keep playing, until i reach like 20$ lower then I put in, and leave. That way I don't go broke, but if I have more money, I might get that gut feeling to stay, and lose alot of my money. My gut feeling is p
  7. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. King Slade What is your current RS name? King Slade List any previous RS names: D__Fighter[First account] What is your total level and combat level? Total Level: 1660. Combat: 109.2 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I started playing along time ago in Runescape Classic as it's known today. I've played on and off since about halfway through runescape 2, and about a year and a half ago I made this account, and have been pla
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