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  1. We are here to take over mowhahaha! Oh, and hello there fellow norse!
  2. I am not sure if we have room for another Lille from Norway. Only joking of course. Welcome around and what a coincidence. I remember BerserkerZ although I lead The British Elites back then. I hope you will find WG a suitable place to hang around and find mates. @copyright Lille since 2004
  3. Congratulations my man!!! I'm disgusted by the thought I wasn't there for it.
  4. It's not superstition, but my AGS is better than other AGSes. It's a proven fact.
  5. You could try to make a team called Red Devils and choose only non-United players with red shirts?
  6. I don't think so unfortunately! You must take a screenshot at the end to have the league result. However you can see your own previous scores at Pick team -> View Gameweek history
  7. @Groedius and @Sir Simmons1, you can't have a Norwegian beat you at knowing the most about English football! Edit: At least not two years in a row!
  8. Lillefigo

    [Accepted] Torm

    Welcome Torm! That's one of the most uncommon Norwegian names I've ever seen, sincerely from a nordlending. Looking forward to get to know you better!
  9. "Mhysa". Sounds like we've got us a mother of dragons here! Welcome around! Hopefully you'll find us a good fit.
  10. No mining happens without this song being on repeat on max volume:
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