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  1. I actually meant it as a joke, but alright. #thenordicway
  2. Can we use this to see who's carrying who and split drops thereafter?
  3. Word. Sooo... This is temporary?
  4. Hey there John! Looking forward getting to know you. Good with another Norwegian in the clan!
  5. Yes, sir! Setermoen, eh? I worked at Setermoen (not within the base) for 4 weeks two summers ago. Nice place. Except for the mosquitos. You'll need a blood transplant after meeting some of them.
  6. Congratulations! Best of luck with another one in the house
  7. I'm in! Be careful brits! Don't let the Norwegian beat you in your own league!
  8. Again, welcome! Grindind that void(preferably elite void) is certainly worth it! Also, attempting fire cape again should be easy if the internet connection is on your side. Did my first attempt in a couple of years yesterday as a slayer task without reading a guide beforehand and nailed it almost without using supplies. Just make sure you have a blowpipe and you're good. Shouldn't take much more than an hour for an attempt at your level. Regarding non-click intensive moneymaking I suggest our regular Corp trips and join along whenever there's a raid going on. I also approve
  9. Congratulations Genghis! Now that's an achievement! What next? 2277?
  10. Hey there Warner! Looking forward to getting to know you. Good old RuneScape clanning is like ones first love; a relationship you'll never forget.
  11. How's the inferno faring?
  12. Hey there n3bby! Despite the rap music I look forward to getting to know you Ultramarathon and spartan races are cool! Longest I've done running so far is half-marathon, but looking into doing marathons myself later on. More of a cross-country skier myself, but hey! All exercise is good exercise And endurance the king of them all.
  13. Lillefigo

    [Accepted] Mr Mask

    Hey there fellow! Good to get a stronger EU-unit! Looking forward to get to know you
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