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  1. Welcome around Rune tadas! Looking forward to getting to know you!
  2. Lillefigo


    Hey there Luke! Welcome to WG Hopefully we'll be a great fit for you, and you for us. Looking forward to getting to know you!
  3. I'm thankful I have a body that lets me exercise.
  4. As long as you're not shown pixelated in a Sirpugger video I think you're ok.
  5. Lillefigo

    [Declined] TYL3

    Hey again there Tyler! A pleasure to have you applying. I hope you'll find a community to your liking here in WG, and may it deter you from taking long breaks again. I love snooker! Both on tellie and irl. However, where I live there's no community for it. Should've thought that's the sort of sport that's possible to do to some extent throughout a pandemic though, considering you're using a cue and not sneezing the balls around.
  6. I actually meant it as a joke, but alright. #thenordicway
  7. Can we use this to see who's carrying who and split drops thereafter?
  8. Word. Sooo... This is temporary?
  9. Hey there John! Looking forward getting to know you. Good with another Norwegian in the clan!
  10. Yes, sir! Setermoen, eh? I worked at Setermoen (not within the base) for 4 weeks two summers ago. Nice place. Except for the mosquitos. You'll need a blood transplant after meeting some of them.
  11. Congratulations! Best of luck with another one in the house
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