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  1. Stony Basalt will teleport you to the bottom of that shortcut until you've done hard diaries.
  2. Only short delivery straight from the garden i presume?
  3. I'm glad you've taken the signs seriously and have started taking action to counter the depression. Fishing is a great option for that. Take is slow and look for the small things that makes a good day. Be it moving the morning cup of coffee to a stump in the garden, the sound of running water, the birds chirping or the soothing feeling of throwing the fly fishing rod back and forth.
  4. Hello there! Long time no see! I remember you from back in 2006-2009ish when I was leader of TBE and we were allies and did some events together. If you haven't been on OSRS since 2013 you're in for a pleasent surprise(I hope). Would be fun to have you around a bit again As someone wise once said: RuneScape is a game you never quit, you only take breaks be it 10 minutes or 10 years.
  5. Thanks! A shame it's not 50 points though...
  6. Another godsword shard and today's super-rare for ultimately 0 points! Please note the high quality conversations going on in WG CC.
  7. Welcome! Hopefully WG will be a good fit for you.
  8. Lillefigo

    [Accepted] Chv0tic

    "Also I'm tired of being killed in the rev caves, sigh." This comment made my day! Welcome Akash Soon you'll see how killing rev PVMers are better money than killing revs themselves.
  9. Hey there Phil and welcome to WG! Hopefully we'll be a good fit for you.
  10. Hello Sir Charges! Looking forward to get to know you.
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