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  1. they should make PVP limited to PVP worlds only, and if you want to make PVP accounts then they should somehow make restrictions similar to ironmen, but in a manner where they can trade in normal worlds etc, trade loot to mains etc etc, but can only commit to PVP in said world.Safe for none pvpers, more activity for PVPers. maybe stupid idea but yeah, atleast its an idea.. still on hols ladies and gents hope all is well!
  2. good luck with application
  3. good luck with app, welcome back to the clan i guess?
  4. nice acc, i guess welcome back
  5. good luck with application man
  6. good luck with application
  7. good luck with application
  8. welcome, good luck with application youll enjoy it here, people happy to help learn bossing etc
  9. your welcome bro, hopefully get accepted
  10. seems like you need no luck with this application, welcome
  11. supplied_def

    [Declined] Amaxa

    nice application, good luck
  12. goodluck with application, hats off to a service man! always a pleasure.
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