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  1. Dmonik

    Welcome! I live in Alaska year round.
  2. Dmonik

    Has to be BigDickBastard of course... Pardon the language!
  3. Showing my age just a bit here but I started playing RS in 2001 which is now RS Classic. I still have access to the account with membership and I'm happy to say that not much has changed from that account from what I can remember. Its fun to log on and see what RS originally was so long ago. I was playing when adam was the best armor available and rune weps/armor was very slowly being introduced into the game. I can recall trading and selling goods would take hours in open chat in the middle of Varrock. One person was finally high enough lvl to smith rune kite shields, the name was bluerose13x if I recall. I was super stoked to finally get my shield. I could go on and on about memories of the original game. Fun times for sure. If I gain membership again, I'll have to snap some pics of my stats and account in game.
  4. Some of you may remember me. I haven't been around for awhile. Got wrapped up in another game and eventually kicked from the clan due to inactivity. Oops! As of now, I've taken a few months off from games and am in between at the moment. Logged in and out a few times the past few days to see what is new though. I'm back on f2p for right now to see if I have the urge for the game again yet or not. Going into winter here in Alaska so perhaps the colder, darker days will bring me back on more often. Hope everyone is well! I've seen a few familiar faces on here and in game. Cheers!
  5. Dmonik

    Ew gross Guess I better mems up again soon!!
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  7. Dmonik

    hello and welcome to the forums!!
  8. Dmonik

    Badass! Congrats bruh!
  9. Dmonik

    I've been playing for awhile now on a classic private server. It's working quite well.
  10. Dmonik

    I'm 6' tall, she's quite short at 4'10" Them Asians tho... almost expected!
  11. Dmonik

    Welcome to our forums. Good luck with your app.
  12. Dmonik

    Well, I finally broke down and decided to snag some pics of FB to share with my WG family. First one, my wife and I at a family party. Second one, my wife and I at her annual company Christmas party. Third one, me working on that 99 fishing. Alaska has some of the very best salmon fishing in the world. This was a 28", 15 lb. Coho Salmon. Enjoy!!! Thanks to everyone who has come forward to share pictures with us all.
  13. Dmonik

    Welcome to the forums. Good luck with your app.
  14. Dmonik

    Leveling is quite quick. Few weeks and you can easily be 60+ combat.
  15. Dmonik

    Well, I didn't even know OSRS was a thing until about a year or so ago. I was stoked to come back and absolutely loved the nostalgic feel of the original classic game that I once played. I was happy I found a great clan in WG and leveled away to the point I'm at today. My best memory of the last year... perhaps the Imbued Heart drop off my 3rd abby spectre superior in one task. Epic night, great drops and a 22m sale to top it off.