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  1. @father4skin he also said he'd wax you 1v1 NHing btw, get him in here! GL Piker
  2. GL GL bro! i cant even wooxwalk on pc lmaooo
  3. goodluck and godbless !
  4. as long as you stay away from @Gwap Gang you'll be safe, welcome!
  5. welcome brozzer man!
  6. AgroDwarf

    [Accepted] EXE4

    Welcome my mans bro!! glglgl
  7. Welcome and goodluck!!!
  8. AgroDwarf

    [Accepted] Cyralx

    Welcome my manz!!
  9. Welcome brozzer o!!
  10. i meant what town, but we've figured that out lol
  11. what county? i live in bergen, chief of bergen is my uncle lol
  12. goodluck my man!
  13. GL brother! welcome
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