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  1. Got balli spring but its under my gp limit so didnt come up in chat. heres the pic anyways edit: heres the pic with the runelite log
  2. I feel you on wanting to play the game, but I'd strongly advise just camping NMZ for a couple weeks for at least base 90s. It just makes the game so much easier, opening content up for you and also giving you confidence maybe venturing into pvp as well. It's easier to go into wildy with us as a higher lvl so we can protect you. Honestly I went from 90 cmb to 110s (base 90s) in a couple weeks with just afk NMZ and it was kinda my fav part of playing rs because i was making serious gains while enjoying IRL. There were times when I would leave my comp on, go out shopping or running er
  3. ahhh fudge... i forgot the codeword in this pic cause i was so excited......... pls believe me lols thats my currently kc as of 9/1/2020 (but im prob doing more vork to fund 99 pray and possible pet)
  4. Ayy congrats! Those last few levels went faster than I thought lol very nice! I'll prob be there in about a month or so
  5. No wayyyyy, great to hear from you man! I was just thinking about you and Tnuac the other day and how yall had to yell at me back in the to attend wars lmao. Welcome back frfr!
  6. For those of you who dont know, this man right here is a f2p legend.
  7. Hey buddy! If I recall, I gave you a hard time back then. My sincerest apologies. I'm glad to see you're doing well!
  8. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Indivi2you What is your current RS name? Indivi2you List any previous RS names: What is your total level and combat level? 1701 total 113 combat (currently training up) Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. On what is now rs3, I was near maxed before i quit. Somewhere like 2300 total if im not mistaken back in 2012? It's all blurry now but just imagine a maxed account minus the useless levels. Fast forward post-EOC,
  9. Ooof after we signed Rivers, you're the first person I thought of. How you doing old bud? Maybe it's time I stop by more often lol
  10. Haha, I'm glad you're doing well. Surprised to see you aren't still in the clan, you were the the last one I expected to see without a member title. All part of your story I guess!
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