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  1. Hey buddy! If I recall, I gave you a hard time back then. My sincerest apologies. I'm glad to see you're doing well!
  2. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Indivi2you What is your current RS name? Indivi2you List any previous RS names: What is your total level and combat level? 1701 total 113 combat (currently training up) Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. On what is now rs3, I was near maxed before i quit. Somewhere like 2300 total if im not mistaken back in 2012? It's all blurry now but just imagine a maxed account minus the useless levels. Fast forward post-EOC, I decided to give OSRS a try and now with all the new end game content that OGscape lacked, I'm kinda hooked and want to try it. Training up to do raids at the current moment. Tell us about your clan history. Demonik Knights 2006 WG 2006-2013 Tell us about your yourself. You can call me Indivi/Indi. Im from USA, currently still in school. I used to play sports when I was younger, just watch now haha. I'm into hiphop/rap/rnb music. I've always played games when I had time. When I quit runescape, i moved onto League and got pretty good (diamond elo). Still one of my fav games, but the skill curve is huge and to maintain high level play you gotta grind. Runescape's grind is permanent plus its the game of my childhood, never forget. How did you hear about us? Fireblast590 from DK joined in 2006, I followed. What makes you want to join us? I spent a lot of time here over my 7 year stint, can't deny it. I been away for 7 years now, and the fact that I see myself playing scape for the time being, I would like to come back to a community that I held dear to me at one point. There are still a handful of familiar faces whom I really enjoyed and appreciated seeing recently, and all the new people I've had the pleasure of speaking to over the last few occurrences just prove that WG is a great place and clan to be apart of. Also, I wanna do end game content with people - never fun alone obv. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes! Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: I'm older now, so I don't mind speaking on it. I was held to a great standard when I was in WG, but as you can see I'm no longer part of this clan. I'd like to come back if given the opportunity. Can't fully remember what happened, but it was between Gene and myself. Something occurred where I was the first person to blame. When I spoke out on it being unjust, I was met harshly. He decided to strip me of my emeritus status. I will admit, I was wrong on how I reacted to this punishment. But I stand firm that whatever happened that caused Gene to make his decision, was unjust. 19 is young, but not that young. I knew right from wrong. I'm glad to read in the rules now that there's no penalty on speaking against authority if addressed professionally, and that it seems to be a bit more civil. Also there isn't a mandatory requirement to attend events. These changes i'm sure were part of evolving, which is always necessary. Anyways, if Gene reads this - no hard feelings bud. It's was over a game and pixels lol. With everything going on in the world, I hope you see things of these matters a lot more lightly as I do now, 7 years later. P.S. - banned from the discord currently and I have NO idea as to why. I don't even know if I had ever been on it before? BrutaLîTy#5798 is my discord ID.
  3. Ooof after we signed Rivers, you're the first person I thought of. How you doing old bud? Maybe it's time I stop by more often lol
  4. Haha, I'm glad you're doing well. Surprised to see you aren't still in the clan, you were the the last one I expected to see without a member title. All part of your story I guess!
  5. Hey Mojo, glad to see your holding things down! LMAOOO bro the signature aha. You still scaping?
  6. Indivi2you Tell us about yourself. Hello friends, new and old. I'm just dropping by. Decided to check out my childhood pixels again (osrs) so I couldn't go without seeing how WG is doing. I figure I might stick around for a short while, so why not introduce myself? Yall can call me Indivi/Indi. I had a stint with WG some years back. Clan history. WG 2006-2012? How did you hear about us? Google Do you plan to join? Honestly probably not Any last comments? Hope everyone is doing well, and keeping their head up during these unprecedented times. Stay breezy~
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