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  1. I appreciate this post so much man. I'm sorry to hear your experiences as well as everyone else here. Personally I've had some friends who have attempted suicide or contemplated it due to severe depression and many other reasons. My bachelor's degree is in psychology I always thought it was wild that people didn't think this was a serious issue. Mental illness is nothing to take lightly and I believe you're taking the right approach in just being a proactive individual. It's important to be there for those who can use a friend, loved one, or even just a single soul to show them that things can
  2. I see what you're saying, but objectively speaking (according to Oxford dictionary) I think it's still a religion. Islam means "submission" in arabic, and yet it is also a religion.
  3. Christianity isnt a religion? P.s. that fit in the avy pic is freshhh
  4. I commend you! First off just play the game to have fun, don't worry about a crazy grind. I kinda knew with my schedule how things were going to be so I catered to that and chose relics that benefited my situation and I chose endless harvest and infernal gathering. These helped me afk as much as possible while I was studying and it definitely helped a ton compared to if I didn't go these relics. You got this!
  5. I didnt go botanist so I knew herblore was gonna be a toughy. I ended up using every lamp from diaries on herb and it got me to 96. From there I did a few farm runs a day for like 4-5 days with lantadyme/snap/dwarf weed seeds I got from my GWD grind. For red spider eggs I went to the tower of life and killed the sardine+red spider egg creature which drops noted eggs. For blue dragon scales I just picked them up in taverly. And I had a ton of zammy wines from gwd grind. I will admit herblore was one of the most cancer parts of the maxing journey and I only had to do the last 3m or so exp.
  6. Happy thanksgiving to muricans Yeah so if yall haven't seen me around much its cause I been playing Trailblazer and been really busy irl this time of year. I'm actually really happy with what I achieved cause as a casual gamer and full time student it was tough keeping up with people who play 15+ hours a day. I do take pride in game knowledge and efficiency and I'm pretty happy with how fast I maxed despite it not even being my priority when leagues started. Also being in the first 500 to max was incentive to grind out my last few skills cause a few days ago I was hovering 1k lol a
  7. Easily top 5 scenes of any show of all time lmao, welcome Siam. It'll be great to add to the pvp unit
  8. Hey Drew, welcome man. Pleasure speaking to you in cc earlier, glad you decided to apply. I have my bachelor's degree in psychology so its cool to see that you're studying that as well. Looking forward to seeing you around man
  9. sry i dont have a gamer shield, not me
  10. 11, but since kiwi already said that and if there cant be 2 winners my 2nd guess is 10 goodluck brodie!
  11. Big congrats brotha, you grinded out the 90s hella fast and so carefully. Super worth it, untrimmed looks sickk
  12. Nice to meet you, hope to see you around. p.s. - can i have 200m
  13. You played rs when you were 6? lmao love it. I enjoyed seeing you come out with Tiddles the other night haha it was all fun, welcome brodie
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