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  1. Huh I'm 5th, not bad to say I picked Jesus and Pope as my captain and Co-Captain. I know nothing of football and picked primarily on who I figured had a silly name.
  2. CoD is one of those titles that I enjoy playing occasionally, and wish I dedicated more time to not being so shit at. But OSRS just eats up all my free time lately. I definitely should get back into League of Legends too, since I decayed back to Plat lmao
  3. How people play runescape full screen I'll never grasp. Absolute madness. I'm currently running the least monitors I've ever ran at 2, I'm wanting to step back up to at least 4 in the near future if the missus will let me splash the cash! At most I've had 6, but that was for running 10+ EVE accounts and comms etc. etc.
  4. Doesn't matter if you're 0 KC or 1,000 KC, mobile or not. Nap is arguably one of the most reliable PKers I've played with and he's mobile. As for raids, I'm sure you'll face difficulties due to being on mobile. However, I'm sure with proper tutelage and patience you'll get it down. CoX is basically 20 minutes of farming simple things (like shamans) followed by 10 minutes of Olm which as a newer raider - is honestly the most daunting part. Lots of fun mechanics and stuff. Just jump in brother, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. If no-one else will take you to raids, I'll do
  5. Man, it makes me so happy to see returning faces met with other people who were around back in the day. I guess it's true that no-one ever REALLY quits, right? Also, as someone with a missus and a kid - I know life is a pain and gets in the way, but we're social enough to where it's acceptable not to play 24 hours a day!
  6. Welcome bud, looking forward to PKing with you one day.
  7. Mage/Range levels are amazing for both PvM and PvP. So I'd recommend getting them up, Range can be done through the 20min AFK NMZ Technique. Or both can be done via chinning/barraging MM2. I'd recommend at least 94/94 for unpotted barrages etc. Else you could work on construction (84 is incredible quality of life upgrade) or base 80 skills.
  8. nice man! huge progress, congrats! As far as improvements go, you should probably show us your stats
  9. I mean, they hit like trucks. I personally am not a huge fan of the Ballista in general. HOWEVER, the Ballista trips are definitely a weekly PK event which generates mad cash. You're basically a walking artillery piece, with almost 0 risk if you don't get smited. It's fast paced gold farming basically. Farm some sweet venny tears in the caves!
  10. Welcome bud! Lookign forward to seeing more of ya
  11. Ayyy nice Woox, the seed pod is amazing for a GTFO teleport at level 30 wilderness, and Ballistas well... we'll see you wednesday I guess!
  12. Welcome bud, I've seen you in the public discord channels - hopefully not too long until we see you in the private ones
  13. So after testing this pretty extensively through the day with varying amounts of AFK/Workload etc. I can say that it definitely does work. I've been using the budget range setup for over 6 hours straight with no issues. It is (at 95 range) roughly break even on points used/gained per hour which is nice. Thanks for putting this together, also the google desktop app is by far the BEST remote desktop software I've used for personal things. Quick and easy to install, and very low power consumption on the phone compared to OSRSMobile
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