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  1. Hehehe this is fun. Really cool to see this post from you. Love hearing from old faces.
  2. I recognize the name for sure. You make an appearance on Wiki in the 2008 synopsis section about the time when Lordy banned you
  3. idk looks like a spy to me
  4. BUZZ MY CANADABRO I agree my man. Very nostalgic. I've had a very fun week lurking around. Hope you're doing well.
  5. Darkzero101 Tell us about yourself. Hello friends! Some of you may have seen me lurking in the cc this week and I wanted to make a forum introduction post too. As apparently a lot of old faces have been doing, I've popped on oldschool RS while working from home (not getting p2p yet - not sure if I want to start playing again) and wanted to see how the clan was doing. I've enjoyed catching up with some old faces and shooting the breeze with some new ones in the cc this week. I really pushed for WG to get active on 2007scape when it was first released and am thril
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