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  1. Mana

    [Accepted] Bo J1ggly

    Hey there! One of my favorite games is Fallout as well Good luck with the app!
  2. Welkom! A fellow Dutch person nice Regarding your cc occurrence: Dutch people can be pretty blunt sometimes so I totally understand XD
  3. Mana

    [Accepted] waallace

    Welcome back! I like combat sports/mma too
  4. Mana

    [Declined] Robokatt

    Hey~! Welcome! I would say try to enjoy the journey as much as possible, I always found this to be the best way to go about it
  5. Mana


    Welcome and GL!
  6. Mana

    [Accepted] Groedius

    Welcome back! ;o
  7. Playing the violin... gosh it's so difficult and unforgiving
  8. Mana

    [Accepted] WG Mana

    Thank you @Mojo and thank ya'll so much!
  9. Mana

    My pets

    Still proud of this one to this day 17 kc venenatis pet
  10. Mana

    [Accepted] WG Mana

    Thank you very much Valaias. I definitely won't! The oh-so naive kid I was back then hehe. Oh is that so? That is awesome to hear, looking forward to meeting them in the future
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