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  1. Welcome hope you enjoy it here
  2. Congratulations thats awesome. Dont let my Fiancé see this beat the hell out of my attempt
  3. Personally my thing is to keep switching it up do some skilling, some quests, some clan events whatever really just keep doing different things rather than the same thing over and over. I feel much more burnt out after a skill of the week when ive put everything into one skill than i would if i did several different things. Clan events is always a big thing for me though some things its just more entertaining to do with other people than it is to do by yourself. Also I definitely do as much as I can either AFK or semi afk at times whilst watching netflix or even doing house chores etc lol
  4. I dont drink coffee and rarely drink fizzy drinks definitely not every day so I guess I am not addicted
  5. So I have gone ahead and renewed the fantasy football league again this year anyone who was in last year will be automatically invited and anyone else who wishes to join then just let me know. Our first year of doing this was last year and our reigning champion of the WG league is Lillefigo who topped the league off with a huge score of 2319. So I have just been informed I had the sign up link incorrect the correct link to join our league is https://fantasy.premierleague.com/leagues/auto-join/lilppc Sign up and join us
  6. Thats a blast from the past lol. Hey Jenny hope you are keeping well
  7. Retiring at 25 sounds insane to me lol. Ill be 30 this year and my finances are honestly a mess lol. This does sound like a great idea though if you're able to do it.
  8. Welcome back, I'm glad to see you applied dude. Enjoyed our bandos trip hopefully next time well get a big drop
  9. Groedius

    [Accepted] T_D_3

    Welcome, look forward to seeing you around. You're aware of what you need to do for an application review ?
  10. Welcome glad to have you here we have many events from pvm to pvp and other events too theres always something going on
  11. Glad to see you applied
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