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  1. Estate_aqent


    Glad to see you writing an application, but it seems a bit short. You seem nice though. Hope you get in
  2. nobody expects estate aqent >:) s m o k e
  3. Welcome to the forums bro!
  4. Atm, probably Pantera or Black sabbath (dio era), Overkill are also pretty sick if you get into them, though id start with the song "elimination" - Pigeon, your metal boomer.
  5. id be up for joining big agree on this one though also stop copying me, imitus
  6. Welcome, and good luck mate!
  7. Nobody expects the estate aqent. Now its logout
  8. I dont really gamble, but enjoy watching it in the sand casino, etc. Otherwise, to me it just seems like an easy way to lose money, or to make a quick 5m. Its easy to get dragged in, but getting out is the hard part of gambling. Its something to be careful with. Imo that is, but it can be really fun.
  9. actually sounds pretty sick. Whats the song/Band???
  10. Oh, well thank you for the welcome anyways!
  11. ngl that sounds pretty epic. Standing around places is also one of my favourite things to do, since you can meet so many new people But i think the memory that has stuck to me the most was back when i was 12? 13? not sure. But i had my best friend over, and we both played runescape at the time. Im pretty sure they had removed pvp from the wilderness, and we had just gotten membership, so we could enter the upper part, little did we both know about the chaos elemental, when i found it. I got destroyed. So we spent about 2 hours just suiciding on the chaos elemental, and in the end..... the great reward we got!!!..... Anchovy pizzas. We laughed our asses off, and called it a day xd
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