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  1. Love your profile picture! Hope you get in my dude, and im looking forwards to seeing you in the clan
  2. actually sounds really fun, might join in when im done in the rev caves.... Slaving away there, sadly.
  3. Well, i got dumped about the time i joined this clan, and its helped me a lot. Pretty much back on my feet now though. But i just want to say that we need someone like you on these forums, and in this clan, and i think everyone in this clan needs someone like you. (no homo or anything), but its really awesome to have you around so far
  4. Saw your introduction a few mins ago, and now this! Hope you get accepted man!
  5. id recommend a razer deathadder, since thats the one ive been using for the longest time, but afaik, its not very durable if you play for a long time at a time if that makes sense. For durability, i recommend zowie, its always the brand that i revert back to whenever one of my mice break, and ive had no problems with them. Theres no flashy lights and no big buttons that you can program, though some have extra buttons, but i really cant complain about them.
  6. Welcome to the forums mate! Hope you stick around. You seem like a really nice and good person Glad to have found your thread.
  7. You never know when youre gonna need a tank.
  8. Velkommen mate! Håber du bliver accepteret (Welcome mate, hope you get accepted)
  9. Yeah, i like the feeling of being happy for my friends :D, usually, if i go, it has to be something i really dont mind losing, so occasionally, i stake friends when theyre down a lot, just because if they win, im glad i could help them, and if they lose, ill probably give some back anyways xd
  10. fucking love these videos. I just wish they had more time to prepare, thats about it. Watched it all in one sitting aswell.
  11. Good luck man! Hope you get in!
  12. Glad to see you writing an application, but it seems a bit short. You seem nice though. Hope you get in
  13. nobody expects estate aqent >:) s m o k e
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