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  1. Hey man good to see you and huge congrats on everything going on IRL, any plans for marriage soon? Also tried to message you in-game but I fear that I may still be on your ignore list after 12 years..
  2. Hey mate, name definitely rings a bell, not sure if you remember me, I was a trial member around June 2008. What are you doing these days?
  3. Hey man, it's good to see you checking in and that all is going well. Think it's been over three years since we last had one of these threads to say hi but what a wonderful coincidence I checked the forums just a few days after your intro
  4. Crucio01 Tell us about yourself. Hey everyone, I'm Crucio01. Some of you may remember me as the (then 11-year-old) trial member back around June 2008. I've been checking in on the forums every few years since then, hard to believe I've more than doubled in age since once being a member here. It's a pleasaure to see that WG is still alive and well. I figured I would make a quick post and see who's still here from the old guard. Saw that Stokenut and His Lordship both made intro posts a few days ago and it made me smile. I'm living in London these days in case anyone is ne
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