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  1. Welcome back broski ! Great to see returning members
  2. Welcome to WG my man
  3. Welcome to WG man, look forward to pking with you, see you in the wildy!
  4. Welcome to WG, appreciate you coming out with us the last couple nights, look forward to seeing you on more!
  5. TBing

    [Accepted] BBrog

    Welcome to WG broski, look forward pking with you!
  6. Welcome to WG man, look forward to pking with you!
  7. Welcome to WG man, look forward to pking with you !
  8. Welcome to WG, look forward to pking together with you! Pretty dope having your own car shop too
  9. Welcome to WG, looking forward to seeing you in wildy and pking together!
  10. Welcome Gangster, we'll see you out there slapping these boys around in Wildy
  11. Welcome back! Come out and pk with us sometime
  12. TBing

    [Declined] Tammy

    Welcome! Arcane has mentioned you before great to see you ended up applying !
  13. TBing

    [Accepted] MYL

    Welcome! Glad to see another pker.. nice app too! Look forward to seeing you in the wildy with us. Aussie pkers growing!
  14. welcome back sherb!
  15. Welcome back broski
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