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  1. WELL WELL WELL. welcome back brotha! Let’s roll through the wildy again
  2. Welcome to WG gangsta
  3. TBing

    [Accepted] Sexc

    Welcome to WG brother. Look forward to pking with you
  4. TBing

    [Accepted] Zoo UwU

    Yooo, welcome to WG Man. I used to be in dismantle when I play SW a ton. Stopped going since I got pet haha
  5. Welcome brother great to have you on the trip tonight look forward to seeing you out there with us more.
  6. welcome back brotha
  7. Get to graduating noob
  8. Australia nice, welcome brotha
  9. honestly just sleep and drink water, tea as you mentioned. I slept a TON and felt better everytime i woke up
  10. welcome brotha, check the calendar for some pvp events and clear some teams with us!
  11. TBing

    [Accepted] Veebss

    Welcome! look forward to pking with you!
  12. TBing

    [Accepted] Zajax

    Welcome brother hope you’ll join us for pking
  13. Welcome to WG broski. Look forward to pking with you, Goodluck with the app process
  14. Welcome brotha. look forward to pking with you
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