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  1. Cyprusgirl

    Thank you all for the warm welcome <3
  2. Cyprusgirl

    steam; cyprusgirl3, I think I play csgo <3
  3. Cyprusgirl Tell us about yourself. Hey all :) I am Christina/Christy, I am 24 years old. I am working part-time in a bakery for a year and a few months so far. I have been playing Runescape on and off for 10 Years. I got trimmed 20/7/14, I love hosting events and helping the community, used to belong in community support team at RuneZone back then before it became inactive after runeradio shutted down. I also used to be a pmod but lost it due to a hack (its a long story I still don't know how - the guy who hacked me is famous for that stuff anyway) :D so yeah that is me! :D Clan history. Well for the past 6 years I belong in Kirstunael clan, was Estonian based but now has a lot of different countries in it hence me as well :D How did you hear about us? Well we actually fought you guys in 2013, was a good fight and maybe you guys want to do some activities together :P One of my clannie posted the link to your forums and also i heard some people talk about it in 2015, i just stopped being lazy in 2017 lol Do you plan to join? not really just passing by to say hello :D Any last comments? I am a hugmonster so hug me :D <3 If you want to ask me anything feel free :D