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  1. +1 finnish vittu
  2. -1 doesnt have 1k+ tob kc but +1 because huge respect for that total level, fk skilling @Tauriielreapp when?
  3. -1 trains runecrafting
  4. oh just realized u said this here, thought u said this to that 1b thingy where i said best gauntlet pb takes all
  5. yh true, 1750 is pretty much nessecary to have for basic gaming or you are trolling
  6. "My account is completely combat focused. I prefer to not skill and would rather boost my combat stats for pking and raids." Huge respect, we need more ppl like you
  7. Epi

    [Accepted] Tellervo

    +1 finnish vittu
  8. Epi

    [Accepted] Dylbozer

    respect for total lvl, fk skilling real pvm gang
  9. Hi, what is your hardmode tob personal best?
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