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  1. This is mine, on my shoulder... i have another, of a beettle , on my arm, but i don`t have any photo of it, and i can`t take one rn lol
  2. I played a bit of soccer, and basketball when i was a kid, but now i`m more into rugby
  3. Does playing osrs counts? lol I feel like i`m not that good at drawing/architecture, despite enjoying it. I think that applies to gaming in general... I usually don`t play them to be good/best whatever, just to have some fun
  4. BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I GOT EEEEEEEEEEEEEEET Too bad it`s on leagues, but fuck it, i got the fire cape nonetheless! Couldn`t flinch for shit cuz bad ping, so had to use rune halberd, and helped greatly over the whole cave, loots of supplies saved thx to it. Thx for the cheering guys, it helped a lot! This means a whole lot to me, I can`t express how happy i am with this!
  5. Thx for the guide, mr mask!! I`m in need of guides to farm that shit lol
  6. i think they could also rework the melee void... it feels very weak compared to the other 2
  7. So... Pest control is considered to be awful by a rather big part of osrs community. And let`s be honest... If PC didn`t offer the elite void set, it would be a dead minigame. The herb/seed/mineral pack aren`t good rewards for the effort involved, the exp rates, for the rewards are awful, the void mace is useless, and the seal`s only use is in the minigame. What do u guys think about this? I mean, is there anything they can do to improve pest control quality of life? faster points earning (dunno... maybe boosting points for the players that achieved the minigame max threshold for a
  8. Hemlo, I'm Victor, but everyone calls me Potato
  9. Gotta try those Ballistae trips then, I'm in need of some cash lol
  10. Monkey Madness 2 completed, bois! Blowpipe saved my ass once again Those gorillas are annoying af, geez
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