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  1. Welcome to the clan! You will be an asset to have around
  2. Welcome to the clan Eni! Ive seen you around the cc a fair bit good to see your finally joining. Sorry to hear about you getting screwed over
  3. Been a long road but i can see the light at the end now! One to go Was a nice birthday present too
  4. 13 prayer is needed for ancients quest, 15 prayer is ancients and avas, ive done it on my pure just for the range bonus and cheap cost of avas plus ancients is always good for pking
  5. Hey Player welcome to WG, Goodluck with your application What levels are your pures? I have a level 59 50 attack pure and a level 79 60 Attack pure im always happy to go pking on them
  6. Welcome to WG, goodluck with your application What kind of cars are you into?
  7. Welcome to WG, goodluck with your application
  8. Welcome to WG and goodluck with your application
  9. My 8-10 hour slowcooked brisket dry rubbed smoked over hickory chips with a side of lamb cutlets and salad
  10. Someone find this kid irl and kick him in the face
  11. Where the orange 360 spawns is where jad will spawn, hasnt let me down yet
  12. Sieggy

    [Accepted] aPugnax

    Welcome and good luck with your application #TeamSlayer
  13. Not so rich now after that investment
  14. Finally bit the bullet tonight and sold up a heap of stuff from my pure account i havent used for over a month and the cash i had banked i finished of my prayer book Hopefully a solid investment that will pay itself off over time
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