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  1. My 8-10 hour slowcooked brisket dry rubbed smoked over hickory chips with a side of lamb cutlets and salad
  2. Sieggy

    Someone find this kid irl and kick him in the face
  3. Sieggy

    Where the orange 360 spawns is where jad will spawn, hasnt let me down yet
  4. Sieggy

    Welcome and good luck with your application #TeamSlayer
  5. Sieggy

    Goodluck dude all the best!
  6. Sieggy

    Not so rich now after that investment
  7. Sieggy

    Finally bit the bullet tonight and sold up a heap of stuff from my pure account i havent used for over a month and the cash i had banked i finished of my prayer book Hopefully a solid investment that will pay itself off over time
  8. Sieggy

    Tab 1 - Money Food Teles Runes Tab 2 - Pots and Jewelry Tab 3 - Armour and Weapons, Where the magic happens Tab 4 is just random junk Tab 5 is my skilling tab Tab 6 is my new slayer tab and 7 is the start of my pking tab
  9. Sieggy

    Welcome to the forums and goodluck with your application, hope to see you around
  10. Got 96 slayer tonight been a long grind but getting towards the end! And heres my pictures of my slayer tabs i started keeping at 83 slayer, I always alched enough to buy more food pots and cannonballs then banked the rest 83 to 90 Slayer 90 to 94 Slayer 94 to 96 Slayer Will start a new tab from 96 to probably 98 then another for 98 to 99, not everyones cup of tea but i enjoyed keeping track of loot made from slayer alone
  11. Sieggy

    I do much the same with just about all bosses that take to long- Guardians, Sire, Thermy, Kraken, Cerb. Half a task at the boss version then switch to the normal once ive had enough of bein on the same task for so long
  12. Sieggy

    Finally got around to attempting to get a firecape on my ironman, first attempt was last night got all the way to jad and ran out of health healer hit me for my final hp with jad on 10hp i was pissed, so after farming strawberry seeds today and growing another heap i attempted again tonight this time with a slightly revised food/pot ratio. 1 healer spawned behind jad today and healed him to almost full health by the time i could lure without copping a melee attack but i got there anyway Set up was And the outcome
  13. Sieggy

    Welcome and goodluck with your application hope to see you around
  14. Sieggy

    Welcome and goodluck with your application hope to see you around
  15. Sieggy

    No reason you can't play on both i do it all the time, no xp waste # Slayers always a good place to start can make some good cash as you get on, knocking off quests on the way to barrows gloves are always a bonus, Feel free to add my ironman Necromenso if you want can give you some pointers or help with anything you need