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    No reason you can't play on both i do it all the time, no xp waste # Slayers always a good place to start can make some good cash as you get on, knocking off quests on the way to barrows gloves are always a bonus, Feel free to add my ironman Necromenso if you want can give you some pointers or help with anything you need
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    Not sure if appropriate or not but made me laugh
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    Been an xbox man for most of my life, bought a ps4 for a select few exclusives i wanted to play username on both is x sieggy x
  4. Sieggy

    Welcome goodluck with your application
  5. Sieggy

    Welcome fellow Aussie! Goodluck with your application and I hope to see you around
  6. Sieggy

    My beard in all its glory around 4.5 years ago And a beardless from around 2 years ago with my gf and mate on a roadtrip
  7. Sieggy

    Welcome and goodluck with your application, hope to see you around
  8. Just a quick thrown together basic guide for those interested in killing the Alchemical Hydra The setup im using works for me you may wish to swap things around until you find the combo you like best Bracelet of slaughter is recommended to swap to for the final kill to lengthen your task at hydra, Dramen staff not needed if elite diary is done and you can tele without it, can swap out sharks and pots ( Range, Antivenom+ & Stamina ) for brews and sanfew serums for prolonged trips at a higher cost. YOU WILL ALWAYS NEED BOOTS OF STONE OR GRANITE BOOTS TO AVOID TAKING DAMAGE JUST BEING IN THE CAVE FROM THE HOT FLOOR Easiest way to reach Mount Karuum is via fairy ring CIR, Skills necklace or Farming guild teleport with 99 farming To Reach the hydra lair go down the elevator in the middle of the mountain, once inside the layout is like this The hydra has 5 forms all up in the first form it is Grey, Second form is Blue, Third form is red, Fourth form is also red and the 5th form it will turn black. In order to attack the Hydra you must lure each form over its respective grate first so the chemicals spraying up will 'deactivate' the hydras protection, the grey first form must be lured over the red grate The second blue form over the green grate And the third form over the blue grate After the third form you no longer have to lure it over the grates In the first 3 forms it has both a range and mage attack aswell as a spitting poison across multiple squares randomly, in the first 4 forms the hydra will attack with 3 of the same attack style in a row before switching to the other, The magic attack send out 3 thin projectiles and the range 1 single larger projectile. ( The poison attack doesnt count towards the attack switching mechanics so if your on two range attacks then the poison the next hit will be the third range attack ) The second form ( Blue ) also has an electric attack that spawns in multiple locations and chases you around you must outrun these or you will be unable to move for a small period and take damage of up to 20hp In the fourth form ( Red ) the hydra will walk to the middle of the room and shoot out 2 walls of fire essentially blocking you into a small section of the lair and then shoot out a single flame that will follow you around as you run damaging you with every hit until it runs out. Once you reach the fifth form the hydra turns black and will alternate every attack between mage and range similar to the jad phase but is guaranteed to swap Without the correct pray you can be hit for upto 40+ so try to concentrate your switching after every kill If you do die here you can collect your items for a 100k fee from just outside the Alchemical Hydra room, remember to grab another pair of stone boots before you go to collect your stuff otherwise you run the risk of dying and losing your stored items! Happy hunting and goodluck! Has been many years since ive written a runescape guide if you have any suggestions let me know Sieggy
  9. Basically as the title says, how many people in here have pure accounts they like to pk on aswell? I'm always down to pk on either of my pures depending on the levels of the people im going with hit me up in game or comment here and ill add you
  10. Sieggy

    Hey man i'd start with goals of going for 50 Attack 75-80 Strength 80 Ranged Keep pray at 45 for now 82/85 Mage Provides a good base for lowish level briding and will let you grow as you get it up. Hit me up sometime im always down for some pure pking
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    Congrats! whats the goal after 75?
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    Hey good to see you around Gene, your leadership was half the reason i joined wg back in the day you really made the community a family. Good old memories of you calling my house phone at 3am to wake me and my brother up for wars and my step dad going off his nut about it
  13. Sieggy

    Welcome and goodluck have seen you quite active in the cc
  14. Sieggy

    Welcome to the clan hope to see you around
  15. Sieggy

    Maybe im just jealous i cant scape that long every day