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  1. Welcome! Look forward to seeing you on some pk trips!
  2. Really old picture More recently having put on quite a bit of timber, feat the double chin I've got to work to get rid of again and the wife to be The cats and a really blurry picture of me mid badminton tournament haha
  3. Welcome! Look forward to seeing your around, plenty of pk trips around and plenty of opportunities to learn both cox and tob with us as well!
  4. Jheez, I hope you're not like your brother............ I jest, welcome! Plenty of help around for you when you choose to start bossing and to be honest I think you'll be surprised just how simple (but fun!) bosses are. Look forward to seeing you around.
  5. Sir Simmons1


    Welcome man! Plenty of events of every type for you to jump in, look forward to seeing you around!
  6. Welcome! Plenty of pk trips and definitely more the merrier, look forward to seeing you around!
  7. Welcome man! Awesome stats!
  8. Sir Simmons1


    Welcome! Plenty of pk events for the most part here and the more the merrier! If there's a night without a pk event on and you fancy one, can always host one yourself as well!:)
  9. @Lillefigo will have some good input for this one! I'm more of a cider man, Aspalls is a favourite of mine which is more local (though think it is more widespread these days), though you may know it as well Soul. Beer wise, Jubel elderflower is quickly becoming one of my favourites I have to say. Ps - cool photoshop!
  10. Welcome! Plenty of opportunity to learn every type of pvm and plenty of opportunity to come for some multi pvp action as well with us... should fit right in!
  11. Welcome! As Why Try said, plenty of pvp action here, always happy to have learners out with us!
  12. Welcome! We are a decent bunch and if you want to learn both pvp and pvm action, we are gonna be a good fit like I said last night! Don't forget to !app-review in discord after 48 hours:)
  13. Sir Simmons1

    [Accepted] Torm

    Ayyyyy, welcome! Glad to have you on board, you'll find plenty of pvm content to have a go at and learn new bosses to. Even if you think it's not your thing it's always worth considering giving pvp a go too, learners always welcome with us as well:)!
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