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  1. Ayyy, you finally put in an application! Welcome! May want to beef it up very slightly on the yourself section for those who don't know you from the cc that much.. you could put about your previous conquests on call of duty for example! Looking forward to seeing you around
  2. Welcome! Glad you found us, we have a lot of members who both pvm and pvp so you should fit in perfectly. Ps we also semi-frequently do pure pk trips so more pures the merrier!
  3. Welcome! Glad to hear you like pking, you'll find quite a few trips here and quite a few members spontaneously out in the wildy as well.
  4. Yo, going to be trying this out next week once I’ve done the quests.. re the absorption pots, do you just down them all at the start or how many do you take to make it the 20 minutes? Thanks! @Yasticaki
  5. Welcome! Any friend of Salvas is a friend of mine!
  6. Welcome, hope to keep seeing you around!
  7. Just the two, work have offered a third but honestly I have nowhere to put it. If I mount them all to my desk I'm sure my cats would shortly after clamber over it and break it somehow. I'd rather stick to just the two grounded on my desk for now to be safe!
  8. My condolences for everyone's loss. I am fortunate enough and realise that it truly is a fortunate position that I haven't been directly affected by a friend or family member who has committed suicide. However, I do know that mental health is no joke and this year in particular has highlighted this with the various lockdowns going on worldwide; I think it's fair to say many people who may have never struggled before have faced a tough time. If there is one particularly good point to come from this year I think it will be that this is likely to be a turning point where talking about
  9. I played tennis, table tennis and badminton as a junior to regional level. Continued badminton at similar level into my adult life (and continuing, although no longer play for region unless to fill in due to time constraints)
  10. I investigate insolvent companies and bring legal claims on behalf of the company in liquidation... anything from a simple director loan account overdrawn through to various types of fraud. No time for a side hustle!
  11. Thank you for the welcome all, look forward to speaking to you all more shortly!
  12. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Sir Simmons1 What is your current RS name? Sir Simmons1 List any previous RS names: None What is your total level and combat level? Total 402 Combat 68 I am a pure, att 1, str 1, def 40, range 80, prayer 22, mage 5. I am planning to train prayer up asap. I shall be training mage once I hit range level 90. I am contemplating increasing defence to 70 to be able to wear barrows armour. Edit: I accidentally levelled up to 2 str as I ra
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