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  1. this is an amazing record of competitions!
  2. I dont need it to get out of bed, but i sure as hell drink a lot of that golden bean water. love the taste of a good espresso. pre-workout used to be caffeine filled, now using stimulant free stuff just for focus and pump, id rather get another cup of coffee in. 100% addicted
  3. hey there, you must like money
  4. Hey Certi, thats a dope nickname to be proud off!
  5. Hey man, great app! welcome on board
  6. Hey there, nice to meet you
  7. Hey there, you do seem interesting, welcome back.
  8. Hey there, Id love to learn zalcano and do some rounds with you some times
  9. I dont really play RS on mobile, but all my other games are mobile. mostly call of duty mobile
  10. Freshly baked bread with good butter, fresh fruit and shell fish
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