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  1. Don't forget that you're also interviewing them. Have a good back and forth with the interviewers and this will give a great impression. I've been a part of the interview process as part of an older job and one tip that you might not have heard is to not sound very generic. Its very difficult to recommend someone that sounds like they're just giving baked answers rather than engaging properly in the process. Give thoughtful answers, ask for clarification when needed and prepare a couple of questions you'd like to ask them at the end. Some good questions to consider are: "What opportunities are there for progression?" "Have you enjoyed your time with the company and what would be your standout moment here?" "What is the work ethic of the team I'll be working with and the company as a whole?" Last piece of advice I can give, and I know this is MUCH easier said than done, is try to be as confident as you can. Don't rush your answers and give yourself plenty of time to think about what you're saying in the moment. A lot of people speak very quickly and start stumbling over themselves and get more nervous because of it. And please please please try to not say "erm" before giving an answer, that happens a lot and doesn't look great! Don't worry too much about giving yourself a couple of seconds to think before you reply. Just stay cool bruh. But good luck, all the best. Stay calm and you'll smash it.
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