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  1. CruelGruel

    I really liked Vermintide so probably Vermintide 2.
  2. CruelGruel

    Toyota Corolla here for the decent fuel economy. Picture taken from Google images though
  3. CruelGruel

    Cool, I still have fond memories of Starcraft 1's Battlenet.
  4. CruelGruel

    Starbucks tea is too sweet and fruity.
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  6. CruelGruel

    CruelGruel What is your current RS name? CruelGruel List any previous RS names: Forgot What is your total level and combat level? Total Level: 863 Combat Level: 59 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I started this account a year ago. I stopped playing a couple months ago and now that I'm restarting, I want to find a good clan to hang out with. The name doesn't mean anything. I made it because I found the fact that "Cruel" and "gruel" rhyme amusing. My favorite skills are mining (Motherlode, Blast Mine) and cooking (especially Gnome Restaurant). I look forward to getting into PVP in this clan. Tell us about your clan history. Tell us about your yourself. I prefer to keep my personal information private on the internet but I guess I can share some morsels. I am male, can speak Korean and Chinese apart from English, and enjoy playing billiards. Currently looking for someone who can teach me Go/Weiqi/Baduk. How did you hear about us? Google search for PVP clans What makes you want to join us? Friendly atmosphere, solid core of players, firm code of conduct. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: