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  1. Hex

    [Declined] Zistinx

    That's some solid progress in a week, hope to see you at some bosses soon
  2. Hex

    [Accepted] lvl 99 gay

    Great to see you back!
  3. Hex

    [Declined] My_Jammies

    Welcome, sounds just like me with the afk bit
  4. Hex

    [Declined] Twinships

    Welcome back!
  5. Glad you applied, nice app
  6. Hey, welcome back. Nice app
  7. Hex

    [Declined] Amaxa

    Really nice app, welcome!
  8. Hex

    [Accepted] AlthorX

    Welcome! Hope you're still willing to join despite the above
  9. Great app, welcome!
  10. Hex

    [Declined] CodyAll_n

    Welcome! Nice application
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