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  1. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Slutty Fairy What is your current RS name? Slutty Fairy List any previous RS names: Black Ferrari Ismellthongs Sophieslays Ferrum sloth Kev0441 What is your total level and combat level? https://gyazo.com/54c6239b38f48be4c3ec6fd642e856c4 https://gyazo.com/bdc5feb89f18a60b8dc5522f05730d43 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I been playing for 5 to 6 yesrs on and off. I been mostly a solo player doing solo content, started bossing 3 yesrs ago with people i met on RS, learned bosses such as godwars and raids. Tell us about your clan history. My clan was a pvm/pk active, mainly pvm I started the clan with 3 people and we had about 30 people active. Slowly the clan started to decline since most of the high lvl pvmers weren't as active as they use to be. The clan slowly started losing people and started gaining more lower lvl players, people you couldn't do high lvl content with. One of the main clan leaders became an ironman and was only interested to play ironman and the clan slowly started growing with many low lvl ironman. Now the clan is all lower to mid lvl ironman mostly with only a few high lvl that aren't active enough to pvm. Leading me to look for a clan that will help me do higher lvl content. Tell us about your yourself. I'm a full time coder, I work at home a lot allowing me to play runescape pretty much all day long. I'm not married nor do I have kids, so yeah I play a lot of oldschool. Besides that I love motorcycles, I own a Harley Davidson which is my pride and joy, I live in Vermont U.S, so I grew up hiking, biking and snowboarding. I'm friendly and not a toxic player at all. How did you hear about us? Posted on reddit, and someone suggested this clan What makes you want to join us? This looks like a place where I can find new friends to play rs, hopefully have people to teach me new things along the way Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: I been an honest player, I have nothing to hide.
  2. Slutty Fairy Tell us about yourself. Full time job, no wife or kids, independent adult with a lot of time to grind osrs.Been playing oldschool Runescape for about 5-6 years. Clan history. Been with a small group of friends for 3 years, we did regular pmv and regular cox. I've grown as a high lvl and most of my friends either don't have the time to grind, or don't care to grow, and some have turned ironman. I'm looking for people who have high lvl expectations as me and whilling to do high lvl grinds. How did you hear about us? Posted on reddit that I was looking for a pvm clan, and this was my first suggestion Do you plan to join? Yes I do Any last comments? Im always active
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