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  1. didnt realize you left lol wb ig
  2. you deserve leader rank for saying pineapple belongs on pizza move over ghost saber
  3. Would you rather fight a chicken to the death every time you got into your car or fight an orangutan to the death once a year, but you get a sword
  4. Rokhart and Duhuaih really carrying hard here. 672
  5. Welcome welcome! Just be sure to make a post in the inactivity forum if you’re planning on being inactive for an extended period of time
  6. That 700m pk was ridiculous the whole discord was crazy Welcome!
  7. If you like Corp beast Corbula enjoys hosting Corp mass events whenever I’m in school Welcome!
  8. Lots of old members still play WB!
  9. With all of our awful rngs combined we will roll in to the negative ring which will reset it to the best rng
  10. Almost as good as mine lol. Welcome though!
  11. As the others have alluded to, putting some more information into your application is gonna get you a much higher chance of being accepted, you should still be able to edit it before you submit it for review
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