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  1. keep up the good work lads, will be a fun comp to follow
  2. Csure

    mandatory shit breaks at work every 50 mins to do ur birdhouses for ez hunter xp. Any boring ass skilling that's not intensive, as mentioned, fishing and something like redwoods probably
  3. Training on a maxed account, interesting
  4. Csure

    naw 4474
  5. Csure

    Na Red rover red rover i call mojo over
  6. Csure

  7. Csure

    Calling someone a nooblet.... wow idk if we can accept this one guys
  8. Csure

    JB that dark magician girl one is siiiick
  9. Csure

    Gz on the big boy drop
  10. Csure

    I'd trade many rings for pet drop, gz man
  11. Csure

    Nice pull dude, gz
  12. Csure

    Forgot how close i was to level. Gz in chat pls
  13. Csure

    Welcome back man good luck im sure youll fit in perfectly
  14. Csure

    nice loot dude keep up the good work
  15. Csure

    Woooooow gz dudes