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  1. whathefook

    Welcome Man! Glad to have you apply. I was in Lithuania for 9 months in 2015-2016 with the army. Great country and food.
  2. whathefook

    Welcome to clan mate. Gl on the application.
  3. whathefook

    Already tried bourbon. they don't want names of alcohol. They're stupid strict about it. Im thinking about the greek gods name Bacchus. Unfortantly. Vio, I could do Bio. lol
  4. whathefook

    Yeah I've heard stories of that. But its a pride thing now. Heritage more or less now. Also OIF is completely different then OEF and current missions now'a days. I was thinking Bhocolate Bhip Bookies, but its too long and no one at work understands it. So I chose the name Bacchus.
  5. whathefook

    So my line of work is shoot big Bullets along with a few others in this Clan. I recently got a new tank and it needs a name. No being I'm part of Brutal Company, the name of the Tank must start with B. (Bacchus, Beer, Bazooka.) ETC. I need Good solid idea. I will post the picture of my gun tub after its been painted. Ideas of where it goes are Below.
  6. whathefook

    Just saying.... completely different Footballs lol from where I'm from. "Make 'Merica Great Again."
  7. 16 years playing never gotten hacked.
  8. whathefook

    Nah you’re right Mojo. I have been playing on the IOS version of it since they released the beta though thankfully.
  9. whathefook

    I love it. It’s made skillng a lot more bearable for me when I’m at work or just not home.
  10. whathefook

    Welcome Back my dood.
  11. whathefook

    haha Are you? you just tried to kill me like 3 times by miskicking. I'm starting to see a trend of jealousy here.
  12. whathefook

    Good Luck and Welcome.
  13. whathefook

    Wow nowwwwww..don't slam on me on here now young man. You're just jealous of my gorgeous untrimmed DEF Cape.
  14. whathefook

    Best Family a man could ask for.
  15. whathefook

    Good Luck.